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Why You Need a Tailored Suit

Today’s modern man became someone both rugged and refined. His strong presence on the playing field proved he could be trusted, his clever business tactics demanded respect, and his sophisticated appearance in a suit and tie turned heads. However, not just any suit could do such a modern man justice. One of the rising trends in men’s fashion is the bespoke or tailored suit. Any man can stumble into his local department store and pull a suit off the rack but to truly pull off the suited look a real man will go to a tailor. To understand why, you simply need to consider the key differences between tailored and factory-made options.

Need a Tailored Suit


Anyone required to wear suits regularly, whether for the office or for nights out on the town, would tell you how quickly a low-quality suit can start to age. Worn-out knees and elbows, frayed stitching, or faded colours simply cheapen a man’s appearance along with his esteem. In fact, “cost-effective” options end up costing men much more in the long run. Fashion designer Tom Ford once said that “Dressing well is a form of good manners,” and to follow that advice, you must put your best foot forward with a custom-made suit. When you visit your tailor, expect to be able to choose from a wide variety of quality fabrics designed to not wear out, to drape impeccably on the body, and to emit a lustre or sheen. Add a skilled tailor who understands your uniqueness, as opposed to machines on an assembly line, and you get much higher attention to detail, especially if you choose a suit by Carl Navé.

Better Fit

While there are many who are convinced an off-the-rack suit offers enough quality to use, you absolutely cannot substitute a tailor’s exact measurement of your body. You deserve a suit that fits you and your unique build and the only way to get the perfect fit is with a custom-tailored suit. You need a tailored suit coat cut exactly to your measurements and reinforced with an interior of canvas, which means that it will not hang baggily from your shoulders but will instead accentuate your best features and mask the ones you would prefer not to highlight. And the pants will be hemmed to hit your shoe at just the right length, making for a powerful and confident stride. Your appearance will be streamlined and sleek, similar to a fine automobile.

In short, you look better, enjoy your suit for years longer, and make a big statement to anyone watching you walk by him or her on the street or in the office. Tailored suits remain fashionable for decades, allowing you to enjoy their use for just as long with only slight alterations as you age and change body type. For those worried about the price, you save much more in the long run by making a single purchase over many and you stand to enjoy much more positive reactions to your decision. You deserve to look as great as you feel and tailored suits make this possible.