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Why Choose the Naked Wallet

Most people <ill have a checklist when they leave the house.  It will probably follow the same pattern every time and should go along the lines of; Phone, wallet, car keys and house keys.  You will then check your doors are locked and jump into the car ready to race to wherever you need to go.

This is one of the issues with modern life.  There is never time to simply be, to exist in the moment without thinking about the next thing you need to do.  It is for this reason that people, often overlook one item on their checklist when rushing out the door.  Curiously it is not normally the phone which is left behind!

It is with this in mind that one firm, developed the cool wallet.  This is a unique, new approach to carrying your funds with you.  It is a simple leather band which snaps snugly round your money and even your bank card to hold them in place whilst you are out and about.

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Despite being fairly new to the market this cool wallet is receiving a good following; there are several reasons why this is the case:


The cool wallet is small and effective.  It does not need to be left on the side at home.  Because of its slim line approach it can be kept in your pocket at all times; this means you have one less item to think about when leaving the house.

Of course, you will need to remember to remove it from the pocket of your trousers before you wash them!

It’s Cool!

The cool wallet is different to any of the other products on the market. It has a unique look and serves a very specific purpose.  This makes it cool as it will catch people’s eyes and even start conversations!  The fact that it is unique and slim line help it to appear cool; after all, the smaller a product is the cooler it is generally agreed to be!

It’s Practical

The cool wallet allows you to carry notes and a bank card with you.  However, it has no room for receipts or other pointless items.  Instead of filling your wallet with items that are not really needed you can keep just your money there, ready to use.  The receipts can be kept with the respective purchases and thrown when not needed.  This prevents the monthly or annual clearing out of your wallet as you realize it looks impressive but there is nothing actually in it.


Because of the simplicity of the design and the limited materials used the cool wallet is very affordable.  This means you can even purchase several cool wallets in a range of colors.  This will allow you to have one for every occasion or even each outfit!

The cool wallet is a remarkable invention which looks set to become more popular as time progresses.  Perhaps you should invest in one now rather than wait for the market to be flooded!