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When it comes to elegance and style, women chooses their suits with perfection

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It just appears an event or an occasion that calls for a more formal dress for the suit to become a major dilemma for women. After all, how to choose an elegant, comfortable and ideal suits for women for every occasion?

This is because the clothes are not only to cover the body, but also to translate the personality and style of wearer. The suit is that way too. Whether to convey a message of seriousness, or of formality, the right choice makes all the difference at the time of composing the visual. But for you to hit it right, you have to be careful and pay attention to some details that will help you find the ideal piece!

Pay Attention to the Cut

The suit must, primarily, respect the dimensions of your body, without seeming fair or too wide. For this to happen, the cut is essential so that the trim is perfect and the suit fits harmoniously, without exaggeration. The jacket should fit neatly on the shoulders, with no leftovers or fabric shortage. Also, the length should cover the hip, but should not reach the thighs. For the sleeves, the ideal is that they are exactly in line between the hand and the forearm.

Already the bar of the pants must cover the shoe to avoid that, when you sit, you have the short pants. However, it should not be too long to form folds on the shoe, as this also becomes inelegant.

Choose Classic Colors

Most of the time you try to know how to choose a suit, the color will determine the usability of the suit and its life time, since some shades easily fall into disuse because they are striking. This means that everyone will realize, at some point, that you have worn the same suit in different situations. This problem can be avoided already in the purchase, with the acquisition of suits in more classic tones, like black, gray or dark blue.

Give Importance to Buttons

This detail usually goes unnoticed, but the suit button is important for the finish of the costume as a whole. Depending on the material and how the buttons are arranged in the suit, the cufflinks can add elegance and sophistication to the pieces. There are models with simple cufflinks (with one, two or three buttons) and also the ones with parallel cufflinks (which form a square and are perfect for more casual occasions).

Another Tip: At the time of purchase, pay attention to whether the buttons close easily – to avoid damaging the fabric – and whether they are securely fastened and aligned (the main button should be at the navel height for perfect trim).