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What Is The Lehenga Saree & Why Is It So Special?

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A lehenga saree is a combination of the traditional Indian saree and the more modern lehenga choli. This blend of the modern and classic style has emerged as a popular wear among Indian women, especially for special occasions such as weddings and parties. It is different from a saree in doing away with the pleats and has its own set of characteristics.

Culmination of the Bridal Style

When it comes to the perfect bridal attire, sarees and lehengas are among the most sought-after choices. These dress styles have gained widespread popularity both in India and outside. And the influence of western fashion trends has added new dimensions, helping create different styles and designs.

With the lehenga saree, you will get the opportunity to wear both the saree and the lehenga at the same time. It is a relatively new style in the Indian fashion wear and offers high level of versatility. It offers the elegance of both the dresses along with convenience of wearing a lehenga. It takes out most of the time and effort required to put on a saree.

New Style & Design Elements

The creation of this new style has further led to the emergence of new sub-styles within the genre. Visit here to check a vast selection of lehenga sarees in different designs, patterns, and colors. When combined together, different elements of the two dresses have been blended. This includes zari work, mirror work, and detailed embroidery to create stunning and unique pieces of outfits. Red, pink, yellow, purple, orange, and other bright colors are the most sought-after colors in lehenga saree.

The lehenga saree can be referred to as a ready-made saree that emerged from the need for an elegant yet easy-to-wear attire. This long flared skirt can be found specifically to your measurements. It makes an ideal choice for everyone including those who are not as comfortable with traditional pleating and draping required with the saree. The lehenga saree has a pallu that can create a striking effect by taking the place of the dupatta in the traditional lehenga choli. Click here to explore the different colors, styles, and designs this variant of the saree is available in.