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    What Do Armani, Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss Have in Common?

The names mentioned above are probably giants in the luxury apparels and accessories category. Owning these brands definitely gives us a sense of superiority and class, and we absolutely love flaunting our designer wear apparels and accessories on every possible occasion. Whether it is designer shirts for men or designer gowns for women, we simply love them all.

The title may sound absurd to you, but definitely these three big names have something common, which is their manufacturing destination. The wide availability of cheap workers has fascinated high-end fashion labels like Zara, Ralph Lauren, Armani, and Hugo Boss etc to Bangladesh. Yes, you heard that right. These big names in the high-end luxury industry have outsourced their manufacturing part to Bangladesh.

Recently, high-end fashion brand Armani received a shipment of about 21,600 pounds of T-shirts and underwear made in a factory in Chittagong.

Armani said that the Italian fashion house produces a “relatively small number of items” in Bangladesh. “The commonly held assumption that all manufacturing conditions there are inadequate is not a fair reflection of the reality of the situation and does that country a disservice,” Armani said.

A  T-shirt made in Bangladesh from high-end designer brand G-Star Raw has a price tag of about £60 ($92 .25) in London— which is 15 times of what the £4 Wal-Mart’s Asda chain charges for its basic men’s white T shirt, which they sell under the label George. T shirts which are made in Bangladesh cost around £35 at Replay, which is an Italian brand specializing in casual clothing.

“Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein or Giorgio Armani have a price point that is higher because the brand has a reputation and that makes a difference,” says Ralston Fernandez, who is senior vice-president for operations at an Apparel Buying Solutions, a Bangladesh buying house that places orders for retailers at the local factories.

Hugo Boss said that it began outsourcing T shirts and body wear to Bangladesh because of various constraints faced in is European factories.

Interestingly, we simply go by the name and status of these high-end designer labels, forgetting their actual worth. Instead, we should try and see if we actually need to splash so much of money in buying these high-end fashion labels. They undoubtedly make you look ravishing and voguish, but buying them without need is simply a waste of money.

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