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What Are The Best Ways To Prevent Climbing Injuries

When you are climbing a mountain, you are prone to getting injuries. It is a real strenuous and highly risky dangerous sport where injuries are inevitable.  This is very common for a climber. The period of injury can prevent you to perform and can result in a big halt. Some of the very common injuries are tendinitis, rotator cuff injuries, climber’s elbow, etc.  There are a few ways that would definitely help you in mitigating the chances of making yourself hurt.

Take a good amount of rest

Overuse injuries are the commonest form of discomforts faced by climbers. This is due to improper rest during training periods. Without improper rest, your body parts do not get the required amount of rest to recover from wear and tear accompanied with rigorous training.

Exerting your body parts such as joints and tendons without them getting fully recovered is what leads to this type of injury. That is the reason health experts advise one to climb only for five days and take two days of complete rest.

Respecting the limitations of your body and giving it a break at regular periods of time is the right way. Following this training schedule will make your training sessions even more effective and productive. is a leading product review site that provides the most valuable insights about any sports accessories and clothing.

Say no to over gripping

This type of mistake is mostly committed by beginning climbers. The over grip by using more than required amount of force to hang on to the rock. It makes one very much exhausted and also makes you more susceptible to injury. It is better to avoid over grip. Go for under grip. This will help you climb for a longer time. The less energy that one uses to grip your holds, the better it would be to hold off your gentle finger joints and tendons.

Treat skin blusters with balm

Skin blisters is a very common sight for a climber. When these blisters open up, they can expose the red sub-epidermal tissue. This can interrupt your climbing mission easily for a week. Skin balm would be the best therapy to treat painful blisters on the skin efficiently. Another useful remedy is to make use of superglue on the flapped skin. It will make the skin to heal quickly.

Cross train

Don’t just consider climbing to be your only exercise. Over indulgence in climbing can cause you repetitive injuries. It is important to choose different forms of exercise such as the lifting of weights, biking, running, and performing yoga in your climbing routine. Exercising on the cross trainer will aid in the development of muscles that are neglected by climbing. It also ensures that the muscles will be in proper balance.


These are the best ways that would definitely help in reducing the chances of getting injuries during climbing to a lot of extents. If after implementing these ways, you still get an injury then it is very important to seek medical intervention to cure it as soon as possible.