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Walk in Style Wearing Stilettos Shoes

Once upon a time shoes were only meant to protect the feet. Since that was the sole purpose they were designed in a prototype fashion. Even the market demand for stylish shoes were quite less. Slowly, in due course of time there emerged a craze for implementing style in shoes along with westernised attire, particularly after the rise of fashion industry. Shoes have become an integral part of contemporary fashion.

Womens Fashion

Women’s fashion has more diversity than men’s fashion. Women have the opportunity to choose among a lot of fashion products. One of the areas were women love to spend are shoes. There are a wide variety of shoes that are available for them. Many of them are available at FSJ shoes. If you are crazy about stylish shoes do check it out!

High heel shoes

Many of the women’s shoes come with high heels. They have come a long way through history. Now there are many varieties of high heels that are available in the market. One of the recent additions is stilettos heels. They have originated in the 1950s. These shoes have a characteristic long, slender and very high heel. Even though stilettos shoes come in a variety of designs and style, the basic structure remains the same. These shoes are a must try if you have not tried one yet!

Advantages of stilettos shoes

There are a couple of reasons why you should try this type of shoes. Some of them are:

  • Gives a good shape to your lower body- The main reason behind the concept of high heels is this. Wearing this makes your leg muscles taut, especially the gastrocnemius along with the back muscles giving the lower body a beautiful curvy shape.
  • Boosts confidence- Shoes with stilettos heels really uplifts the confidence of the wearer. These shoes improve the gait and posture as it restricts the wearer from giving any odd step.
  • Increases height- This is another benefit that you get from these shoes. The heels are quite high and hence gives a significant boost in height. This is especially helpful for those who have a short stature.


The disadvantages

Though these shoes have their own specialities, it is worth mention that this comes with certain disadvantages. They are:

  • Need proper practice- For a first timer, walking in these shoes are a nightmare. A very high sense of balance is needed for wearing these. Since, the heels are very thin, almost like a pencil, falling or getting an injury to the ankle is highly probable. One must practice wearing these shoes with proper guidance before walking out of the door.
  • Cannot wear it for long time- Wearing these shoes for too long or too frequently is not good for health. The ankle joint gets damaged and the muscles will start aching. It is advisable to use these shoes only for selected occasions.

Conclusion- Women’s fashion offers a wide range of products. High heeled women’s shoes have become an integral part of women’s fashion. Among them Stilettos heels are quite trendy. If you want to try a pair, get oneas soon as possible!