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Try the bio footwear!

Climate change is a subject of great concern to society. That’s why we must take care of the environment in every area. More and more companies are betting on making footwear and accessories with biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials.

Many people were reluctant to this type of footwear because they first believed that visually it isn’t as elegant as other materials. But at the moment, we can find infinity of models of bio sandals for woman or man that are becoming very trendy.


But which the benefits of using bio footwear?

# 1 The environmental impact

This type of footwear has a lower environmental impact than others as it has greater durability. This is due to the type of materials used on their production.

Bio Footwear uses organic, chemical-free and heavy-metal-free components. The materials used are natural such as cork, wool, cotton, natural latex, hemp … etc.

The sole is sewn and its manufacturing waste is recycled. Also the packaging of this footwear, which is usually made of cardboard, is recycled.

In addition, it’s a type of healthy footwear due to the contact of the foot with this type of natural materials, although everything depends on the quality of its elaboration.

# 2 Comfort

The comfort in the footwear is an aspect of great importance at the time of choosing one type or another. Thanks to the use of natural materials this footwear is more comfortable, breathable and above all, more durable.

The main objective of bio footwear is that the foot gets support when walking, but on a natural way according to the anatomy of the foot.In addition, this type of footwear is exempt from chafing so that your feet can have the rest they deserve.

# 3 The variety

As mentioned earlier, there are many companies that are betting on bio footwear.

Currently there is a wide range of bio footwear that fits the needs of all customers.

For example, if you want to wear a more informal outfit with a bohemian look, you can combine them with long dresses that wear some type of print or even with light midi skirts.

On the other hand, if you decide to wear a more formal style you can combine this type of footwear with a short and loose dress to combine with some accessories such as sunglasses or hats.

As you can see, they are really easy to combine!