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True Blue: Gorgeous Lace Dresses For 2018

There’s something about living near the ocean up here in the Northeast that has a calming effect in the summer. It’s hard to be stressed when the ocean is a short walk from your front door and the blue waters and bright skies await. I’ve always heard that blue is the most calming color on the spectrum. In fact, teachers often used to paint a wall in their classrooms blue, because it was thought to have a calming effect on the students.

Blue is one of my absolute favorite colors and has been a staple in my wardrobe my entire life. The color blue makes me think of pale blue skies and deep blue oceans, things that are synonymous with coastal living here in the Northeast. I also love that there is a shade of blue for everyone. I go for pale pastel blues in the Spring when I want to look girly and feminine. A bold royal blue is perfect for a sheath dress when I want to stand out at work. Navy blue is a great classic that is almost like a neutral- to me it’s much more flattering than black and can also have a bit of a nautical feel as well.

As you may well know, another one of my favorite things is lace. Whether it is the middle of a hot summer, a cold winter, airy Spring, or crisp Fall, lace is something that can be worn at any time of the year, depending on how you style it. Today I’ll be combining the color blue with lace and doing my entire post on some of the gorgeous blue lace dresses I’ve come across in my research. Here are a few ideas on howand when to wear blue lace dresses:

Navy Lace Midi Dress

I knew I had to include this navy lace midi dress in my post as soon as I saw it! The thing that struck me first is the drop-dead gorgeous lace! This isn’t like the regular lace I see all over the place- instead it appears to be a heavier crochet lace with a larger, bolder lace pattern. I also love the classic A-line cut and especially the longer midi length skirt. This length is perfect for girls like myself who are a little taller and need the extra length so that we don’t show too much skin. It also has adjustable spaghetti straps you can wear with it, which is probably what I would do. I can see myself wearing this to some of the summer weddings I have to go to. Navy is such a great color for a summer wedding because it is summery and lighter than black, but it’s not a bright color that looks like you’re trying to steal the spotlight from the bride. It’s just a great classic color of blue that works on everyone. I could wear this to a summer wedding and then again out on dinner dates or meeting my family out for dinner.

Sky Blue Lace Cocktail Dress

So here is another dress I loved and this one stood out to me for several reasons. Again I liked the bold lace with the larger pattern. I also really like the pale sky blue color. I think the color would be super flattering in the summertime against a suntan. The third reason I am thinking of ordering it is the cut. I like that it is fitted and chic. Sometimes lace can look a little too ‘young’ or girly, but this dress has ‘sophisticated’ written all over it. I can see myself wearing it to a summer wedding, rooftop cocktail party, or dinner. To me this dress is the perfect combo of soft and feminine mixed with strong and chic. You can find this look online here.

Blue Maxi Dresses

I can’t decide if this dress is navy or royal blue? I guess it is somewhere in between. The thing I’m loving about this blue maxi dress is the lace at the very top. Although I love to wear lace, I know sometimes a full lace dress can be a little overpowering. That’s why sometimes I prefer to buy something with just a touch of lace trim at the neckline or sleeves. I can see this dress being worn as a bridesmaid dress or even if you’re a wedding guest attending a formal wedding. Blue is a great option for bridesmaids- it looks great year round, photographs beautifully, and has that classic, timeless feel. A blue bridesmaids dress won’t ever go out of style and will always seem classy and modern, so you won’t look back on your wedding photos and say, “What the heck was I thinking?” if you chose the trendy color that year. So many couples have beachside or ocean weddings- what better color to choose than blue?

Bright Blue Lace A-Line Party Dress

This bright blue lace A-line party dress is to die for! I love the neckline and the flattering A-line cut. I would describe this shade of blue as royal blue or bright blue.This is a color that will pop against your skin. It is the perfect dress to wear to any semi-formal parties or social events on your calendar. I can see it paired with beige pumps. This dress is from Lily Boutique and you can find this dress and soooo many more blue lace dresses online on their website.Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much blue and lace in one place! I found several options for super cheap, and I love how you can sort by color and style.

Sky Blue Lace Trimmed With Black

Although this dress is definitely out of my budget, I had to include it because I love the combination of black and blue together. Black and blue is an unexpected color combination that just looks bold and striking. The black contrasting band around the waist is the perfect accent to amp up an otherwise girly dress. I like that the bold black band actually keeps the dress from looking too sweet and girly (a problem that can happen when we wear lace). It also has an interesting tiered skirt. Actress Natalie Zea (I watch the show Justified and didn’t even recognize her in the photo!) pairs it with black heels to match the waistband.

A lace dress is the perfect element to create a soft and feminine look. The next time you have an event to attend, try giving blue lace a chance. There are so many shades of blue there’s something that flatters every woman. Hopefully this little guide will help you to combine the color blue with lace to create the perfect look for all your upcoming events.