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Trendy Outfits With Shorts

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No matter whether it’s summer or winter outside, cute shorts are real must-haves of your fashionable wardrobe. However, most of us know pretty little about this kind of clothes and are puzzled about how to find a perfect match for them. That’s why we would like to ask the experts of Cattifly to comment on the features of these items.

To begin with, we need to make clear: shorts can be worn not only when the weather is hot. As far as modern designers like such products, they do their best to make shorts suitable for all 4 seasons. According to Cattifly, cotton, silk and chiffon models will be your favorites in spring and summer, while their alternatives of plaid and woolen fabrics will take care of you in autumn and winter.

In addition, it’s important to remember a few rules regarding the algorithm of combining shorts with the items of different length. The guys from Cattifly remind: you can use a top, blouse, tunic and even a vest here. The main point is they shouldn’t cover the full length of the shorts. Moreover, it’s better if at least 10 cm of the shorts are seen from under your favorite top. Otherwise, you’ll get a pretty strange outfit instead of a harmonious stylish set. In case you stake on a vest to complete the look, it actually can be even longer than the shorts you choose, but it has to be a so called net-vest or another sheer model of a flattering cut.

Next, shoes. The experts of Cattifly say shorts can be worn with every type of them. But you need to be careful when looking for a great match. Sneakers, cowboy boots and classy sandals work well with casual shorts. Heeled shoes and sandals are inalienable in case you put on lace, embroidered or shirt-shorts. Oxfords, loafers and pumps are the best friends of formal shorts you wear to work and business meetings.

And what do modern fashion gurus think of accessories matching shorts? Are there any of them? Of course, there are many suitable accents from this category. For example, the experts of Cattifly claim a sterling silver chain with a pendant (pay attention to florals and their statement modifications) is a great way to make the whole silhouette longer and the outfit balanced. What’s more? You can experiment with different bracelets as they appear on the same level as shorts and are closely interconnected. Leather, multilayer and ones with lots of tiny sparkling elements are very popular this year. To add a bit more boho style atmosphere you can also use an interesting scarf as a belt for the shorts. Right, it looks awesome.

The more extraordinary ideas you try, the better you understand fashion. And shorts are a good example to practice with.