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Tips to Buy the Perfect Bag

Like the shoes, the bags make us crazy. You could have thousands, one for each occasion and they would still be “insufficient.” However, we always do have “our favorite.”

That bag that is the most comfortable is neither too big nor too small, it fits all, weighs little, has friendly closures, and you can combine it with any type of clothing. As we know that it is difficult to choose one among a thousand temptations, today we advise you to help you make the best purchase. Read more about bag trends here.

What Bag to Choose Considering your Body

The key is to compensate the lines and curves of the body. You have to select a bag or shoulder bag with the opposite form to your shape. If you are a tall woman and you own a figure without many curves, you can choose a large bag, but if you are low and small, the small bags will come as a ring to the finger. And if the thin ones favor curved shapes more, on the contrary, women with curves look more like straight bags.

Bag Length

Avoid putting your bag, backpack or shoulder strap at the same height as your most voluminous body part. So, you’ll not highlight that area where you do not want others to notice. In addition, you have bags that offer the possibility of regulating the elevation of it. The bags must be accessories that enhance our figure, not the other way around.

One Bag for Each Occasion

It is not the same day to day, go to work or go to a party at night. For that reason, you will have to see for what occasion you need the bag

The Color

Sometimes the trends mark colors/patterns very distinctly. You can choose a seasonal accessory without fear, but wish to take it anywhere and on any occasion, guide yourself through neutral colors. Black, beige, gray, silver, raw, white, camel, dark blue, brown, brown.

What is your style?

Do not forget to look beyond and know what’s best for you according to your personality. There are classic handbags, vintage or retro, the eighties, bold with graceful shapes, elegant and minimalist (flat colors), printed, modern, casual. Take into account your personality and with which you look prettier.

Prioritize the Functionality you have Decided to Give the Bag

Avoid buying a bag with an infinite background, as you could go crazy trying to detect the keys, lipstick or wallet. A practical choice can be those bags that have several compartments as they help to organize the things you carry: one for the mobile phone, another for the wallet, the keys, the cardholder, the most accessible outer bag, etc.

And above all, keep in mind that it has to be a crush once you set your eyes on it, it never fails. If it looks pretty, do not wait, buy it