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The Signs Of A modeling Agency Being A Scam

Modelling may be the direction you want to go, or you have been advised to do so. In any case, you have to take the initial steps of creating a portfolio and joining a modeling agency to fulfill your dreams. But in this world, there are numerous people roaming around who will want to cheat you. You will need to be very careful about it and stay away from them if you want to be a successful model. Most of the fake scouts and agencies lure people by showing them a bait of their dreams.

Tips on staying away from a model agency scam:

  • First of all, a reputed company would never approach you at a mall or a hotel asking you to work for them. Reputed agencies work from offices, and they are quite dedicated to their job.
  • A professional modeling agency wouldn’t ask for any kind of money from you. The scammers often ask for money as photographer fees or consulting fees for the very day you meet. The scammers often try to make you pose on the very first day and then they try to sell those images to you for a hefty amount.
  • Scammers often try to lure you into meeting them on the weekends or outside of the office hours. A good model agency will never employ such tricks as they will take you as an employee and will meet you at their office.
  • If an agency asks you to pose in an inappropriate way in the name of modeling never go forward to do that. They can use your photographs in various ways or even blackmail to extort money.
  • Reputed modeling agencies accept professionally taken photos; they will never require you to have a portfolio made by an ‘exclusive’ photographer. If they are requesting you to do so, then they are most likely a scam.
  • The scammers or touts often talk about the big projects they have done and also about the project they have planned for you. This often lures believers into their scam, but you should always stay away from it.

Try to be aware of the people you are talking with and never give into something without checking them out. Modelling scams are quite prevalent in the industry as everyone loves the pomp. Try to talk to senior models about the experiences they have gained, and you will be sorted in your career.