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The Process For Selling Your Jewelry

When you want to sell the jewelry that you own, such as your engagement ring, you need to think about this process methodically. There is a process that you can follow to make sure that you get the maximum profit for your engagement ring.

Going down the route of putting the piece of jewelry straight online could cause you to miss out on some money.

Instead, think about going through the following process.

Search For Jewelry Valuation Companies

The first thing that you should do when you are looking to sell your engagement ring is to look online for some valuation companies. There are several qualities that you will need to look out for:

1) The amount of experience that the company has

2) The number of valuations that they have performed

3) How quickly they can perform a comprehensive evaluation

4) Whether they are going to be able to buy your jewelry from you at the end of the valuation

Have The Jewelry Valued

When you take the ring to be valued by a professional team, make sure that it is in the best condition possible because this means that you are going to get a good price for it.

The valuation is going to look at the gold of the band. It will also look at several different aspects of the diamond that is contained in the ring. For example, the person evaluating the ring will note down: the colour of the diamond, the shape of the diamond, how clear the diamond is and how well light is passing through the diamond when a special light is shone through it.

This process is not going to take long, so you will not be waiting around for hours on end. Instead, you will soon have a valuation for the diamond.

Decide To Whom You Would Like To Sell The Ring 

You have a couple of options after you have been given the price for the ring. You can decide to sell it on to the company which performed the valuation, or you might decide that you are going to put it online so that people can bid for it.

It is going to be quicker and easier if you allow the valuation company to buy the ring. You know that they are going to give you a fair price.

Using The Same Company In The Future

  • A proper valuation means that you will be able to trust the company and you will want to use them again in the future.
  • Make sure that you retain the contact details for the company.


There is a set process when you are having your rings and diamonds valued. After you have followed the entire process, you will be able to get the correct amount of money for your jewelry. Using an experienced valuation company is going to be better than trying to do absolutely everything by yourself.