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The Makeup Item That No Woman Can Live Without

If I say that liquid matte lipsticks have made the life of women all over the world much easier, then I will not be exaggerating. All the beauty vloggers and bloggers are talking about it and all the women who for years have been forced to go to the lady’s room just to retouch their lips are feeling a weird sense of freedom.

So, what makes liquid lipsticks so special? Well, where do I begin?

  1. They are waterproof so no more constant retouching.
  2. They are transferproof, so when you drink something off the glass, the LIPSTICK won’t stock to the glass.
  3. Once set the lipstick lasts for quite a long period; generally 12 hours or even all day long.
  4. These lipsticks are available in 15 different shades including nude and bold shades that give your lips intense color.
  5. The matte finish is absolutely gorgeous and contrary to popular belief it doesn’t crack your LIPS.
  6. You don’t need to use a lip liner with this lipstick as it doesn’t bleed.
  7. Very useful for women on the go.

There are many other reasons why liquid matte lipsticks have become all the rage. Make up products are usually quite expensive but that is not the case with the liquid lipsticks, though there are many high end lipsticks that cost the big bucks, many reputed brands have come up with liquid lipsticks that are very good quality and yet quite affordable. So now you can indulge yourself without putting a hole through your wallet.

The lipstick is quite easy to apply as well and available in a myriad of shades. They are also free of harmful chemicals like parabens and phthalates. Before you apply the lipstick, use a scrub to clean your lips, you can then apply a lip balm to avoid dryness. Then use the applicator to outline your lips and then apply the lipstick using short strokes. Let the lipstick set; it should only take a moment or two due to its quick dry formula. And now you are good to go for at least 12 hours.