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The Best Thing You Can Wear Is A Smile

There are plenty of things that can completely make an outfit. Sometimes you will be looking in front of the mirror and you just know that something is missing – so what do you reach for? Some people will go to their favorite piece of jewelry that always finishes an outfit, whilst others will go for a jacket that they know will complement the color scheme. Others try on a different pair of shoes to see if that makes a difference, while still more will begin again from the very start and change everything that they are wearing! However, we think that the best thing that can complete your outfit, make you look good, and take with you wherever you go, is a smile. It’s your most natural accessory, and science has proven that if you smile at someone, they are automatically more likely to feel positively about you. But what do you do if you hate your smile?


It happens all the time, and for a wide variety of reasons. From yellow and stained teeth to misshapen and crooked teeth, to no teeth at all, there are plenty of women – and men – out there that would do absolutely anything to avoid having to smile in public. It can be really embarrassing, when you don’t like the way that your teeth look, because it is not exactly as though you can completely avoid speaking in public forever! Whether at work, in the gym, out with friends, or relaxing with family, you can’t avoid people and you can’t hide the way that your teeth look, no matter what else you wear. So what’s the solution?

Thankfully, there is something that you can do about your teeth, and all you have to do is go and talk to a dentist that you trust to learn exactly what treatments are available and perfectly suited to you. Dr Paige Woods, one of the best San Diego holistic dentists who runs her own dental practice, will often have people come through into her consultation room who have perfectly healthy teeth, but teeth that still embarrass them nonetheless. She is able to offer a wide variety of treatments that she can recommend for different things, such as teeth whitening for those who have yellow or stained teeth, or braces for those who have crooked teeth. But for patients who do not really have that many teeth left, the best and most exciting option is permanent dentures.


Bet you never thought that you would be reading about permanent dentures on a fashion website! That’s because the world of fashion is always changing, and one of the most positive changes that it has made in a long time is that people are more open and accepting now that different treatments are perfect for different people. Permanent dentures are easy to clean, comfortable to wear, and immediately transform the way that your teeth look without doing any harm to you, and there is almost no upkeep to them at all. As long as you keep them clean – just as you would your normal teeth – then they will shine and look like perfect teeth for years, if not decades to come.

You may not have ever considered permanent dentures before, but believe it or not, people of all ages are turning to them as the best way to get that glorious smile that they have always wanted and avoid divorce. If you want to have the accessory that goes with absolutely everything, then perhaps now is the time to start to think about whether permanent dentures are a good choice for you!

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