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Simple nail designs with glitter that makes your nails instantly festive.

French tips with glitter are a great way to spice up any nail art design. Stand out of the crowd with glittery nail art designs that make your nails instantly festive and sparkly. Glitter nail art is forever favorite of girls and they love to brighten up their dull mood with the glamour of sparkles. If you want to feel out of the word then dress up your nails with glitter nail art and apply the below simple nail designs with glitter and send some sparkles in gloomy moments. You‘ll surely adore these glitter nail art ideas that‘ll give your nails a unique and shimmery look. You can apply these nail designs on your own that‘ll make your nail look even more alluring. Although, it is easy to create a glitter nail art look glitter nail art designs are more than just applying the top coating of nail polish. The great thing about glitter nail art is that there are a lot of nail art designs possibilities with glitter from demure to bold and chic to fancy nail look. Take a look and check the best nail art designs for glittery nails to get you inspired.


If you want to do some fun then go for this funky design with light pink nails and glitter triangle accent. This is a demure and trendy design that could be created with every shade. This subtle sparkly nails design is great for the holidays.


Add a touch of sparkle in style with gold glitter for short and long nails. The gold glitter accent features a light shade of nail polish with gold glitter. Although, gold glitter is the best choice for vacations you can recreate the look with any color of nail polish and glitter color.


If you want to wear glitter in a chic and stylish way then mix up your French mani with gold glitter. This nail look would suit for the special event, weddings, parties, night out and proms. But you can wear it on casual occasions too.


If you love darker colors then this purple glitter nail art is your thing. This one features the purple glitter with glossy nail polish. You can create this look on your own or at a salon. This purple glittery nail look is elegant and trendy and will give all the women nail envy.



Multi glitter mani is a perfect pick for new year’s evening party and Christmas as it gives you silver glitter nail look with light color nail polish coating. This nail art design is funky, trendy, bold and bright that would be perfect for short nails. You can recreate this nail look with different glitter colors such as purple or blue to get a more stylish look.


Love glitter? Then these simple nail designs with glitter are for you! Short or long nails would look striking in these glittery nail designs that would be a great choice for holidays or special events. Leave a comment and let us know which glitter design you’ll choose to add sparkle to your overall look.