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Sienna Miller: Prices don’t Matter, Style does

While some of us are waiting for the next big cryptocurrency to be released, others are browsing through a cowboy dating site in hopes of finding a partner. But for those of you who are into fashion, we’re pretty sure it’s safe to say that you’ve been all over the latest Paris Fashion Week for the last couple of days.

Fashion Weeks are always a right spot to pick up on what celebs are rocking these days and maybe even discover a style or a brand you’ve never considered before. In that regards, here’s what model and actress Sienna Miller presented to everyone at the Paris Fashion Week last week.

Forget the Price Tag

Sienna Miller has always been known to bring trendy clothes and a lot of style everywhere she goes, but we do not doubt that nobody was expecting the outfit she wore last week at the prestigious fashion event.

Namely, the New York-born Sienna showed up at the airport before the Paris Fashion Week wearing the most perfect-looking high waisted blue jeans that we’ve ever seen. She paired them up with a classic white top which had “I will tell on you” printed on its front, as well as a pair of Chloé black boots and a maroon handbag.

Now, this doesn’t seem strange considering that fashion icons can actually be seen wearing something usual, but it’s not every day that we can catch someone like Sienna Miller sporting a pair of cowboy jeans instead of something made by Re/Done or Vetements, for example.

This time, Sienna went with one of the models made by Wrangler, which is a denim brand adored by cowboys all across America. They’re best known for their retro style that values practicality over fashion, yet here’s a case where someone has proven that even something that was meant for heavy use can be repurposed for maximum style.

The most interesting fact about these jeans, however, is their price tag. In retail, this exact pair costs no more than $105, which isn’t exactly the price range for the most pieces of clothing that fashion stars wear when they know they’ll be seen in public. As Sienna explains on Wrangler’s website herself: “My ’60s style, always in demand, has been somewhat modified, but it’s basically the same, and I’m delighted that Wrangler wanted to recapture it for this project.”

Breaking the Mold

To add shock value to this whole story, it’s not like we could see the famous actress/model in such low-budget outfits before, especially in the proximity of prestigious fashion events such as the Paris Fashion Week.

Miller started building her career as a photographic model, while she managed to get names like Vogue, Coca-Cola, Pirelli and even Hugo Boss in her modeling portfolio. Most people, however, know her best from her big screen works, such as the supporting role in the remake of “Alfie” and as The Baroness in the 2009 “G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.”