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Saree Never Goes Out Of Fashion

India has always celebrated unity in diversity and this diversity enriches India with culture and heritage. India being one country have people that belongs to different religions and each religion has various cultures that relate to each other in some or the other way but is still celebrated with pride. Westernization has definitely has its effects over Indian culture and modern day youth but history and ancient cultural practices still resides in the heart of Indians.

India provides its people with such a rich variety of culture that this culture attracts maximum tourist to the country who visit India to get in terms with the Indian culture, dressing, festivals, temples and historical places. Not only the popular states or cities welcomes the tourist from various parts of the world but small towns and villages also tend to grab their attention towards the handy crafts and handlooms.

One such culture that has been in tact since 100s of years and still continues to be is wearing sarees. India is the largest manufacturer of sarees having more than hundred types of styles and over 15 pattern of wearing it from different cultures. This simple piece of cloth is 6-8 meters long and is draped around the waist with one end that covers a shoulder is known as the most elegant wear in India. Even the tourists when they visit India buy sarees and try it on as they tend to dissolve in the colors of Indian festivals and cultures. Saree has always been a non- detachable part of Indian culture only its pattern and types have evolved over the years.

Initially women use to drape sarees without any sort of clothes beneath as those clothes were never there. Now saree is accompanied by a petticoat and a blouse that makes wearing Saree way too safe and makes it look elegant and stylish. Indian sarees collection is huge and one can select from the various fabrics available. Starting from normal cotton printed sarees to heavy silk sarees and designers’ sarees; a vendor cannot say a no to any of these.

Each state in India has its own collection of sarees and each type has various designs in it. Festivals in India is the major time for the sale of sarees and Indian women no matter how modern or westernized she is, considers saree for such festivals and special occasions of her life such as marriage. Draping a saree with designer blouse and wearing all that ornaments like earrings and bangles tends to fill a woman with class, elegance and gratitude.

Fashion earrings jewellery for women is available almost anywhere and everywhere. Purchasing the right drape from Indian sarees collection and matching it up with a nice pair of big jhumka or Fashion earrings jewellery for women can be the best way to dress up for any ethnic party or festival. Other ethnic wear like suits and churidars are also good for festivals but then a saree ha its own charisma and enhances the beauty of women.