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Revisit Your Beach Wardrobe in 3 Simple Steps

Now is as good a time as any to go over your beachwear and make sure you’ve got everything you need for a summer vacation or a rooftop pool party you’re so dying to go to in late July. Your beach wardrobe should be light and easy to pack, in addition to being both comfy and sexy. You want to look your best whether you’re going with your husband, girlfriends, people from work or a local HIV dating online community. Below we go over our top 3 tips for killing it at dinner, early in the morning on the beach, and as you stroll down the main street at sunset.

#1: A White Cotton Dress for Strolling

A white cotton dress is your little black number for the summer, especially if there is a beach nearby. Looking sexy on the beach takes effort despite the fact that you’ve got a nice tan and your hair is wavy from all the salt, and it takes you a mere 10 minutes to style it to summer perfection. If you want to be stopped in the middle of the marina and asked by strangers where you purchased an item of clothing (the ultimate reassurance you’ve done a good job), you absolutely should stick to cotton white dresses that are flowy, sexy, and ensure you look effortlessly put together.

Try on several different styles to see which makes you feel more comfortable and doesn’t make you look like a goat milker. Remember, it will be boiling hot but you still want to sizzle without spending hours in the bathroom getting ready, and a cotton white dress paired with cute flat sandals and sexy shades is bound to turn more than a few heads.

#2: Multicolor Sheer Number to Cover a Wet Bikini

Despite the fact that we all know the sun is pretty strong and potentially harmful from around 11 am to well into the afternoon, chances are you’ll be spending lots of time on the beach, just not baking in the sun the entire time. When you’re done swimming and the heat becomes unbearable, you’ll want to retreat to a beach bar, and have the coldest beer or freshly squeezed juice ever known to man. A cotton dress won’t do you any good here because cotton isn’t the kind of fabric to soak up the water from a wet bikini as you enjoy a nice drink or a bite to eat. This is why you should look for extremely light sheer fabrics used to design cute covers or dresses perfect for sitting out those 30+°C hours.

Go for a multicolour piece that is not going to clash with your bikini, and that is quick to dry. Needless to say, you should change out of your wet bottoms into dry ones to avoid infection, but you can keep your bikini top on provided it looks good or doubles as a bra under the garment (try them on together before purchase).

 #3: Comfy Footwear

When we say ‘comfy’, this isn’t necessarily your 63-year-old aunt’s idea of comfy, but you should definitely go for a shoe that can take you from the sand to a local pizzeria in a matter of minutes. That’s why flip flops are extremely popular because when new and in the right hue they can be sexy as they show off your perfectly tanned and pedicured feet. Avoid high heels and if you can’t resist the ‘heights’ opt for cute wedges instead of something fancy. You don’t need more that two or three pairs of summer sandals on vacation because you won’t wear them all. As long as they’re easily paired with your dresses you’ll be a knockout, and all eyes will be on you.