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Perfect Use of the Promo Code With All The Variations

53% of users abandon their shopping cart if they do not find promo codes.And yes, this figure is scary! So how do you use them while being profitable?

The use of coupon codes has become like a reflex in Internet users

All the sites including iherb offer you today promo codes, and they are more numerous and for good reason? Who is behind obsessive-compulsive Google search: “promo code + e-commerce site name”? Well, it’s you, the e-merchants! Indeed, thealmost all e-commerce sites displays a “promo code” field on the shopping cart page.

Likewise for newsletters, which has never been checked in their emails if the last newsletter received did not contain an iherb canada promo code?

Today, the user’s behavior is subject to the search for a good deal. Indeed, without a promo code, the user prefers:

  • Go to a competitor
  • Postpone your purchase (while waiting for a promo code)
  • Outright give up the purchase

The advantages and disadvantages of the Promo Code

Before drawing conclusions, let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of the promo code on your online store:

The advantages of the promo code:

  • Easy to put in place
  • Improve the conversion rate
  • Acquire new visitors
  • Strengthens customer satisfaction
  • Simple results to follow

The disadvantages of the promo code:

  • Lower profitability
  • Lower margin

Tendency to decrease average basket

Coupon codes must be considered, especially according to your brand strategy. If you are a high-end online store, if you have low margins, this type of offer will not be suitable. You should instead go to a “customer loyalty” offer.

The different types of Coupon Codes

What are the different promo codes that may convince some of your visitors to go on the purchase?

  • Discount based on a percentage: this is the best known and most popular way
  • Rebates: This type of offer is more effective than a percentage based offer according to some studies
  • Free shipping: this promo code which allows free shipping costs is effective to reduce the drop-out rate
  • The gift: In addition to satisfying your customer with this gift, this offer may allow you to get rid of certain products.
  • Frequently used techniques:
  • To guarantee the profitability of a promo code, it may be necessary to calculate a minimum purchase amount. Thus, you encourage the user to fill his basket up to the amount requested.
  • Show the promo code directly on the site allows not disappointing the user when he arrived on the cart.

But some sites display the coupon code right after arriving on the shopping cart page:

E-merchants also decide to offer a promo code at the first purchase, a good way to convert new visitors into customers.

Subscribe to the newsletter in exchange for a promo code, which allows obtaining many contacts for future campaigns.

The sponsorship: the “godfather” code will give an advantage to your customer, to his friends, which provides some virality of your promo code to know your best ambassadors and get new customers.