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Pedicure Chairs for Nail Salons

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Ever walked into a nail salon and settled into a chair only to realise that it was hard, uncomfortable and was at an awkward angle for your feet? Well, that was the perfect example of why nail salon owners need to take all these into account while looking for a pedicure chair for their customers to deliver a perfect nail experience.

Features to look out for

What are some features of pedicure spa chairs that are common in the market which would really make a difference to your customer?

  • Chair Recline Levels

The flexibility to recline the chairs at different comfort levels is key to a good pedicure chair. Different customers get comfort from different recline levels so having a lever to adjust for every customer would give a customised experience for them. Some chairs have control buttons inbuilt into the chair while others have it on a separate remote.

  • Built-in massage mechanism

Some chairs in the market come with in-built massage capabilities, giving customers a full body massage while at the same time getting their nails done. This is a great two-in-one benefit which customers appreciate as they come in to relax after a long day’s work. Chairs such as the Cleo GX comes with a full shiatsu massage while others come with a more generic massage option that targets specific parts of the body such as the shoulders, the back or the calves.

  • Adjustable footrest

The footrest should prop up customer’s feet nicely, allowing them to rest fully on the footrest without needing them to support or balance in any way as it would be uncomfortable otherwise. Having an adjustable footrest allows salons to move the height of the footrest up and down to suit the different customers who walk into the salon every day. These footrests are also able to turn a full 360 degrees to give customers flexibility as they choose to stretch, move or get into a more comfortable position while on the pedicure spa.

  • Trays or cup holders

Trays or cup holders at the side provide customers with the convenience of having their valuables or their phone by their side, along with drink served by the manicurist. Some salons place this drink next to a desk or countertop instead, which can be further away from the customer and needs for them to reach for the cup whenever they feel thirsty.

  • Autofill sensor

Some pedicure chairs now come with an auto-fill sensor which would automatically fill the foot basin to a pre-determined water level while salon staff gets all necessary equipment ready. This allows a heightened level of service as there is no break in service experience from a customer’s perspective and staff has the time to get ready without looking frazzled. This autofill sensor fills water to a fixed level and does not allow any spills out of the foot basin onto the floor.