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Packing a Bag For Spring Break

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Just like they say in the Friends episode where Ross’ student-girlfriend is heading away to Florida for a few weeks, “spring break and spring vacation are two different things”. They’re basically the same thing, but the destination, intent, and company are a little different in the two scenarios. Using the words spring vacation implies you’re going away somewhere with your family because all of your siblings and parents have off from school and work at the same time, a great time to get closer as a family. Spring break on the other hand means no rules. There are tons of spring break destinations in Caribbean islands, Mexico, Florida, and even South Carolina, all of which are to be packed with college kids and under age drinking during the spring months. Spring break is for day drinking- poolside dancing, clubbing, and most importantly having a good time with your friends. If you’re a guy this trip is pretty easy. Some bathing suits, khaki shorts, and maybe a few collared shirts will do the trick. Girls on the other hand, well it could take an army to put that suitcase together.

Bring multiple bathing suits

If there’s good weather, you’re going to be spending the majority of your time by some sort of body of water. This means you’re going to need to bring multiple bathing suits. While you probably look good in anything, you know how girls are. Bring all the different style suits you have, from one piece to bikinis, to the ones that give you crazy weird tan lines all down your back. Depending on how you’re feeling from day to day, you’re going to want to switch it up. Also, keep in mind that if you’re not the friend who needs to take a picture every 30 seconds, someone in your group will be. You want to be comfortable, but look decent for those lengthy Snapchats everyone on campus is undoubtedly getting.

Nightlife outfits should be thought out

Drop the jumpsuit you’ve had in your closet for 6 months and have never worn even though you’ve had plenty of opportunities to do so. We all know if you haven’t worn it yet, there’s a reason. Unless you were saving it for spring break, you’re not going to magically like the way it looks. Instead, bring your ole-reliable party clothes, or even take a quick shopping trip to get some new ones. It’s always fun to wear clothes for the first time when you look great and there’s going to be a ton of pictures being taken. Items like Veronica M pants can pair well with any shirt, and you can find many different cute outfits on the site. Always ask your friends what they’re bringing for night clothes. While this may spark 150 messages in your friend group chat, it’s worth the questioning. You don’t want to be the only one in heels, but you also don’t want to be the only one who didn’t bring a pair.

Invest in a cute cover up

Maybe you’re fine with walking around town and the hotel in your bikini all day and maybe you’re not, to each their own. If you do want to leave your towel thought, a cover up is a good way of not needing to get totally dressed but still look pretty presentable. Cover ups don’t have to be expensive to be cute, so even if you drop in at Target before you hit the airport, you’ll probably find something that works. Even if you don’t feel the need to cover up, if you start to get sunburned you don’t want to be the buzz-kill that has to go inside or sit in the shade 50 yards away from the rest of your friends. Just pack a hat and a cover up and be burn-free for the rest of the day.