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Not such a painful matter…

Waxing hair from the sensitive armpit skin can be quite painful. We tell you how to do it such that it hurts less and gives the best results.

Many women, especially those with busy lifestyles, resort to shaving their armpit hair. They often have little or no time for a salon appointment. Also, they may find it difficult to remove the hair using methods like waxing or using depilatory creams. Shaving is faster, though it poses many risks. It can cut the delicate skin, and strip it of essential oils and moisture. Also, the shaved hair is rough and with uneven edges, so it grows back itchy and coarse. The hair regrowth after shaving can cause a lot of discomfort and itchiness.

In contrast, underarm waxing provides the best solution to armpit hair removal. Though it causes some discomfort when the hair is pulled off from the roots, the trade-off is immense. The hair grows back finer and softer, and the regrowth is seen after about 28 days. So, you get a lot of time in between waxes. Also, there is little chance of ingrowing hair, since the hair is removed completely instead of merely being cut at the surface.

However, you might fear the pain of underarm waxing – and this article is meant to tell you how to minimise that pain and enjoy hair-free underarms for long.

Do it right – minimising the pain of underarm waxing

Waxing need not be a sort of war you wage against hair on your skin. If you take adequate pre- and post-waxing precautions, then it can be the hair removal method that you will always resort to. Invest in a box of Veet waxing strips to get started.

* Prepare the skin for waxing. Take a long shower with warm water. Do not apply deodorant, talcum powder or any cream in the underarms, or the wax strip will not adhere to the skin. Pat dry and apply a numbing cream if necessary.

* Take a painkiller. If you are particularly prone to pain during underarm waxing, then you can minimise it by taking a painkiller. Pop the tablet at least one hour before you start waxing. It will dull the nerve endings in the armpit and make it more comfortable for you to wax.

* Remove the wax strip as directed. Each Veet wax strip comes with a protective top cover. Remove the top cover and apply the strip – wax side on the skin – firmly. Smoothen it into place so that there are no creases on it. Now pull away the wax strip against the direction of the hair in one smooth, swift motion. You can reuse the same strip at least twice more before discarding it.

* Clean the area. Veet wax strips come with a post-waxing cleaning pad to remove excess wax stuck on the skin. Use it to remove the wax without a water rinse. After a few minutes, apply a mild moisturiser and let the skin rest.