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Matching your Jewelry with your Skin Tone

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Matching pieces correctly ensures the success of any look. These pieces include garments, makeup, hair tone, and jewelry. In terms of jewelry, you need to match it with your skin tone. Choosing correctly chosen jewelry will accentuate your natural beauty. But finding the right pieces which match your skin can be tricky. This is especially true when you don’t know where to start. Here are some expert tips that can help you:

Determine your Skin Tone

Before finding the perfect piece of jewelry for your skin tone, know what your skin tone is. You can do this by checking the veins in your wrist under bright lighting. You have a warm tone if your wrist’s veins have a greenish tint and a cool tone for a bluish tint. Generally, people with cool tones have fair skin which means they easily burn under the sun.

Warm Tone vs Cool Tone

People who have warmer tones suit jewelry with warmer colors like gold, red, yellow, pink, yellow, and orange. If you have this skin tone, yellow gold, brass, and copper are your allies. Stones such as citrine, garnet, and carnelian will fit your tone well.

If you have a cool skin tone, consider sticking with silvery and white metals as well as green and blue gemstones.  Go for sterling silver, pure silver, white gold, titanium, platinum, and stainless steel jewelry pieces. Matching these metals with stones like jade, aquamarine, and turquoise will surely make you look stunning. Also, white pearls can look divine on you.

Medium Skin Tone

If you have this type of skin tone, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Definitely, you will look good with all jewelry shades, whether bright, dark, neon, or light. In case you choose silver or gold, match your undertones to the tone of your skin to get all eyes on you. Check out bijoux Myel for your options.

But Does Skin Tone Really Matter?

Mixing metals can be trendy and there are no set rules in terms of jewelry. You can always wear what you think looks good on you. If you have cool, pale skin but you really love yellow gold, then wear it. Matching jewelry to your skin tone is just a guideline but you can always bend the rules for your own preference. After all, you are the one to wear your jewelry and what matters the most is that your chosen piece makes you feel good. Keep in mind that when it comes to jewelry, your personal style also matters.

General Tips and Tricks

In terms of choosing the right piece of jewelry, these tips and tricks are worth considering:

  • Choose what makes you feel comfortable. Make sure your chosen jewelry is easy to carry and comfy.
  • Suit your choice to your budget. When buying jewelry, make sure you have set a budget for it. This ensures you don’t spend more on it than what you have planned.
  • To extend the life of your jewelry, keep it away from water. Also, apply a light coat of clear fingernail polishes.
  • Consider your body’s reactions. Your body can react on jewelry you wear in the form of allergic reactions. But, this reaction may only happen when you wear certain kinds of jewelry. Listen to your body and make a smart choice.