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Many Meanings, Symbolisms, Myths of Pearls of Many Various Colours

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Pearls symbolize wisdom acquired through experience. They are thought to enticeluck and wealth as well as offer protection. They were recognized for their calming result; pearls can poise one’s karma, reinforce relationships, and keep children harmless. The pearl is also said to represent the purity, kindness, honesty, and loyalty of its wearer.

  • Blue –wearer will find love
  • Gold or Black – prosperity, and wealth
  • Pink – good fortune, fame an success
  • Brown –masculinity, harmony and dependability
  • White – Purity, beauty, innocence, and new beginnings

Tahitian Black Pearls

Black pearls that are Tahitian are extremely rare. There are several Polynesian legends that surround this opalescent gem.

  • Conferring to one myth, Oro, who is the god of fertility and peace, visited earth by a rainbow bring an oyster that was magical called The Ufi to the Polynesian people. When Oro revealed the attractive black pearl from inside The Ufi, he presented it to Polynesian “Princess Bora Bora” as a sign of his love;
  • Additionally romantic talesshare about the full moon that is bathing in the dark ocean. The light beams attracted oysters to the surface shining with heavenly dew. In time, the dew drops enclosed the black pearl with colourful hues of blue, green, blue, pink and gold.

Weddings love and pearls

The earliest account religious about a pearl claim that Adam and Eve cried after being cast out of Paradise, generating a lake of pearls. The white pearls believed to be from Eve’s tears, and the black pearls from Adam’s. It is additional believed that men are able to control emotions, and Adam shed fewer tears compared to Eve. This clarifies the rarity of pearls that are black. Other religious positions to pearls include:

  • Hindus and Christians adopted the pearl for a symbol of purity. The tradition of bride wearing pearls on her wedding day endures to this day;
  • By the Middle Ages, pearls were measured sacred Christian items due to their link with purity of religion.

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