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List Of Best Designer Jewelry Brands 2018 In The World!

A woman is incomplete without accessories, wherein, the statement jewelry pieces have become more important than dresses in the recent times. If you pair an expensive piece of an ornament with any outfits, then it will make you look elegant. Most people, these days, give importance to jewelry brands to show off how luxurious they can be.

Satisfying women with jewelry designs is difficult. You will find thousands of jewelry brands available across the world and each of them has their unique charm.

Here is a list of the best gems designers’ brands that offers exquisite collections of ornaments across the world.

  1. Harry Winston

The name is quite popular and belongs to one of the most popular designer brands of 2018, offering high-end ornaments. The “Hope Diamond” is the greatest gemstone that they offer to all the ornament lovers, and many high profile people from the world have adorned their gemstones.

The brand provides the finest quality and the rarest gemstones to ornament lovers. Hollywood actresses acquire many of their masterpiece jewels from here. The brand is ruling the world for years now.

  1. Tiffany & Co

The US-based jewelers are the oldest designer brand who still holds a position in the top designers in the world. The company offers gold, diamond and silver for all age group. Their ornaments remain simple to be worn anytime with any outfits.

The brand is very popular in crafting dimensional motifs of flowers and birds in pendant, earrings and brooch. The most demanding pieces include diamond bangle bracelet and pendants.

  1. Cartier

Cartier, the France Company, is one of the best designer jewelry brands 2018 that puts expensive pieces on auction. The French brand is popular to make royal ornaments, and their watches will have a captivating design. The brand is known as “The king among Jewelers.”

Some of their pieces are a combination of diamond and platinum. They make use of Art-Deco elements to design ornaments.

  1. Deutsch & Deutsch

Whether planning to buy gold jewelry or gemstones Deutsch & Deutsch is such a jewelry store in Houston that offers a heavenly collection of statement pieces. If you are looking for a unique design, they are available in this store.

They have a wide collection of quality pieces to help you mix the new with the old.

  1. Zadok Jewelers

The brand is one of the wholesale Jewelry in Houston that offers diamond, engagement ring, watches, gif & accessories to customers worldwide. Their watches are of finest Swiss brand, and their vintage jewelry collection is marvelous.

Engagement rings remain unique with their design and the semi-precious stones they use. Some finest ornament collections include rings, earrings, necklace and bracelet. You can also shop certified loose diamonds from them.

Everyone knows these most popular designer brands in the world charge extraordinary price for their gemstones, but they continue to grow due to their exquisite design and the quality stones they use. The demand for such designer brands continues to grow every time.