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Is Botox the latest big accessory?

Everyone who loves fashion is always looking out for the next big thing, the trend that absolutely no one can ignore, the fad that seems to stick it out no matter what. Sometimes it is a particular color that everyone starts wearing, and sometimes it is something as simple as a particular style of shoe that people just simply can’t get enough of. However, the latest big accessory that we seem to have started seeing everywhere – and we mean everywhere – is something that you may not have expected: you don’t put it on over your clothes, but rather underneath your skin.


That’s right, we’re talking about Botox, the latest accessory to take Hollywood by storm, and just like it normally does the trend has started to spread far beyond that postcode. Actors, actresses, musicians, and even directors have been using Botox for years in order to keep that youthful glow about them, many of them desperate not to be typecast as ‘the mother’ or ‘the hag’, and that desire to look young pretty much permanently has had a huge repercussion across the county, and arguably across the world. Now that this is one of the latest fashions that simply everyone has to have, it has not been difficult to predict what happens next.

Now normal people of all ages, backgrounds, and locations are trying out Botox for themselves, partly inspired by the celebrities that they see on their screens, and partly inspired by the completely normal people that they see around them all the time who have also taken the plunge and gone for a Botox injection. What is truly fascinating is that there does not seem to be a huge amount of guidance for people who are thinking about having Botox (we highly recommend checking the doctor has had comprehensive Botox training), so they do not always have the knowledge to be able to approach the right people.

This becomes especially important when you start to think of the sorts of consequences that you can get from having Botox. Obviously there are all of the positive benefits: clear and smooth skin, no wrinkles, no sagging skin, that glow of youth that so many of us have left behind! But for others, who receive their Botox injection from someone who does not really know what they are doing and never really got their Botox certification, it can go horribly wrong. Sometimes it can go drastically one way, with the patient not being able to move a muscle on their face – or it can go the other way, so that there is too much relaxation and they just cannot stop drooling.


Dr Howard Katz, a Botox expert who holds the patent for the majority of the tools and techniques that fully trained and certified Botox administrators will use, has made it his mission to ensure that everyone who wants to receive proper Botox treatment can do so from a fully trained Botox expert. That is why he has put together his training program that is based online, so that anyone, no matter where they live or their financial status, can receive the proper training so that no patient needs to walk out of a Botox injection appointment with a sad face.

Will the Botox trend last? Probably. It’s hard to see why having clear and young looking skin will ever go out of fashion, but if there are enough bad cases that hit the headlines, it will certainly put some people off. Thanks to Dr Howard Katz, on the other hand, that number should decline, so we predict that Botox is going to stay big, and stick around for a very long time.

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