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How to Store Your Winter Clothes Properly

Winter clothes are so bulky. Which means they take up a lot of closet space! When it’s time for the winter clothes to go away for the summer, stick to this simple approach to cutting down on closet bulk. And making room for all your summer clothes too!

If you’re in the mood for an even bigger closet sort out, and don’t know where to start, try using a personal stylist to help you clean out your closet. Try out this image consultant in London if you live in the London area.

Turn on your tunes and tackle this cleaning project with these 6 tips.

  1. Cut out the excess – Use this time to look at the winter pieces that just don’t fit or that you don’t wear anymore. Follow this rule: If it’s been on the hanger for more than two months, bin it.
  2. Storing the jumpers Knitwear takes up so much space. Hand wash all of your knitwear and the fold them. Try some vacuum sealed bags to save on space.
  3. Storing your coats – Ideally, you want to put your coats in a garment bag. If you’re tight on space, try the vacuum sealed bags here too. Remember to check your pockets too!
  4. Keep everything organised – Cleaning out your wardrobe is scary! But once you get started organising, it can actually be addictive. Once you start de-cluttering, you’ll start getting more creative with your organisation. When you’ve finished packing all of your winter clothes, store them somewhere that’s clean, dry, cool and dark.
  5. Pack shoes properly – Boots are a staple winter piece, but you don’t want to wear boots in the summer. Stuffing your boots with newspaper helps to keep their shape. You can also lay them flat in containers and place tissue around them. Having clean and well taken care of shoes to come back to in the autumn is always a lovely feeling.
  6. Keep it light – Linen, cotton and rayon are the perfect fabrics for summer. They allow our bodies to breathe and move easily when it starts to get hot. Wearing lighter items also means your suitcase for that summer holiday will be light too! Replace your winter wardrobe with these easy to wear fabrics.