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How to Look Fly for That Important Interview

You might be the most experienced and talented applicant for your potential employer, but there is a chance you might not land your dream job if you are not dressed for the occasion. As absurd as it may sound, a study conducted showed that 37% of bosses decided not to hire an individual because of the way they dressed. If that is not enough, 65% of hiring managers stated that clothes play an important role when deciding between two candidates that are equally qualified for the job.

Believe it or not, the way you dress has a lot to say about your personality. Keeping this in mind, if you want to come out on top for an important interview, here are a couple of tips to ensure you look fly.

Pay Close Attention to the Details

Your primary focus should be to have a polished appearance, which will speak volumes for your attention to detail.

Most interviewers will notice whether your shoes are polished or not. It indicates that you are dedicated to presentation and success. Moreover, your clothes should not have any wrinkles. If you have pets, don’t forget about the lint roller.

No matter where you are going for an interview, dress for the job you want. Make sure you wear something that is comfortable. Avoid wearing something outlandish.

Men especially need to groom their facial hair, in which case the bearded colonel can do wonders for them.

Choose Solid Colors

During your interview, you want your hiring manager to focus on you and you alone. The last thing you want is to wear distracting colors, so stick to solid colors to improve your chances of success. With solid colors, you will not look dull or loud.

For instance, red can be overpowering for your interviewer. You might come off as being too aggressive for the company. Instead of orange or red, stick to traditional business colors. If possible, add accents in brighter hues on your tie or scarf.

The reason why black is so popular for interviews is because the color demonstrates authority. But then again, it has a lot of drama associated to it as well. For this reason, you should opt for dark blue instead, as it will make you seem calm, trustworthy and controlled. Sure, gray works great too, if you want to convey sophistication and confidence.

Get a Bespoke Suit

Enough emphasis cannot be placed on the fact you should wear a suit that fits you well. This is possible if you get a bespoke suit, which will give a much better impression than a read-to-wear suit ever could. If you plan on wearing a suit that is too large or small for you, then you are making things worse for you.

Even though the size of the suit you wear has nothing to do with the job you are interviewing, but it will give the interviewer the impression that you lack the ability to pay close attention to details.

When it comes to choosing a suit, make sure the shoulder pads sit at the end of your shoulders. The jacket needs to stick to your body, and the sleeves should end where your thumbs and wrists meet. As for women, pants that are puckered or tight will not be appreciated.

Invest in a wool suit with buttons tailor-made to your body and personality so that you walk in for your interview radiating confidence.

Smart Casual is the Way to Go

If the company you are interviewing for requires you to stick to smart casual, then by all means, do so.

A blazer or jacket over a collared dress shirt or polo can work in some situations. Make sure you pair that with trousers made from cotton, wool, linen, twill or corduroy. If done correctly, you will have a presentable look.

Women easily get away with a pair of trousers and a decent skirt, but do not indulge in flashy fabrics like chiffon, lace or satin. Even if the company has a relaxed dress code, do not overdo it with flashy jewelry.

The clothes you wear may seem like an insignificant factor, but it plays a vital role in the bigger picture. Since it is a factor you can control, why not make the most of it?