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How to improve your sixth sense

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When we talk about sixth sense we must understand the fact that it is an integral part of human life, philosophy, and spirituality. There is nothing to fear or be afraid of in having or discussing sixth sense. It is a philosophical term that has a scientific background. We all have a sixth sense and our sixth sense is as much power as our other senses. Some have their sixth sense developed since birth or can be said that they are gifted with it but those who don’t have don’t need to feel sorry for them. With little practice that can develop their sixth sense and new dimensions of confidence and self-esteem for them. Sixth sense gives us the power of being intuitive.

One thing is important to be explained that there is the difference between intuitions and sensing. When we sense something we use our five senses but when we talk about intuitions then we are using our sixth sense. A lot of discussions are done on being Intuitive vs sensing but here we need to focus on methods of developing our sixth sense, logically and scientifically. Here are some keys to developing a sixth sense in you-

  • Develop your physical senses- we all have five physical senses touch, smell, vision, taste, and hearing. In this modern world sometimes we even have them out of tune. Thus to develop our sixth sense first we need to work on our physical senses and develop in order to make them alive and synchronized with one another.

Listen to your senses. When you are conversing with someone you just not need to listen what he is saying, rather pay attention to his body language, mood, his energy and you will be able to understand more than what he is trying to say. Remember 90% of communication is nonverbal and to read between the lines you must listen to your senses.

  • Start meditating- meditation is the best regime when it comes to stimulating mental strength and enhancing sixth sense. Meditation helps in improving focus and concentration and teaches you to have mental peace with an ability to listen to inner voice. One can start meditating 15 minutes a day and increase accordingly in coming weeks for improving self-esteem, calmness, and sixth sense. Meditation will make you stronger from inside.

  • Let you intuitions speak for them- we all have dreams, intuitions and sometimes hallucinations. All this happens because our mind contentious sends messages to us in different forms. To get a better grip on your senses to try to send messages back to your mind. Send messages about the goals you want to accomplish and reinforce your energy into it. When you constantly remind your mind about what you actually want from it and from your life, you will get magical results in form of enhanced mental strength and concentration. The seed we saw in our subconscious mind can germinate and bloom by our efforts.

  • Slow down and pay attention- we are living in a world where everyone is in hurry and no one has time. In order to match with this fast-paced world, we also have made us a machine. We are too busy to understand or observe anything. This endless running is leading us nowhere and peace of mind has become a distant dream. Now in this situation, if you are willing to achieve a distant dream of developing your sixth sense then you need to slow down and pay attention to your surroundings. Observe what is happening around you and feel the intuition you have been ignoring while trying to match with the speed of the world.

  • Social conditioning- we develop a belief system in our life and it grows stronger with time. This belief system helps us in filtering the system of the world and gives us chances to adopt what makes sense to our system. This belief system includes both seen and unseen aspects of life and together they are responsible for our communication, judgments and our social personality. However, for developing your sixth sense you must question this belief system and try to analyze it with new found reasoning and mental strength. This system prevents us from seeing new things attentively, openly and analyzing them intelligently. The true wisdom can be achieved when we stop using filters and see the world with our naked eyes.

  • Emotions- emotions are our strength but sometimes they become a hurdle in our spiritual growth and development. In order to develop your sixth sense, you need to learn to distinguish between real feelings, desires and your emotions. You true action, your KARMA must remain unaffected by emotions and other outward affairs. Never go against your heart and your intuitions but never allow yourself to go with the flow of emotions.

Try to develop these aspects in your personality and I am sure you will succeed in developing your sixth sense.