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How to Distinguish an Original Product from a Counterfeit

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Purchasing counterfeit goods in place of an original one is so heart aching. The effect of using a fake product can result in many consequences which include death when it is related to medical health care. How can one distinguish an original product from its counterfeit is a big question which will be discussed below?

Unreal Discounts

Counterfeit goods can be discovered through the discount placed on the commodity. When a discount is made on goods let say 70-80% below its normal price, then you should be rest assured that you’re buying a fake.

Flimsy Packaging

This is one of the noticeable signs to look out for when purchasing an item. Good branded company and businesses put quality time, money and skill in packaging their products. If the item is roughly packed or does not fit in properly into the container, it uses inferior materials like cheap plastic or loose cardboard, take it as a sign of counterfeiting. Most time it can be given out without packaging, then this should signal you on how fake the goods are.

Grammatical Mistakes

Fake products can be identified easily through the grammatical error or spelling. It has to do with an omission or addition of letters to the products original name. For example, skin care products might be written as skinny care products or Hamm’s products like hams.  When you see these errors, stay clear, it’s fake.

Poor Quality of Products

The quality of an original product is nothing to be compared to counterfeit goods. You can actually find out through the color, weight, shape, quality, and quantity. When getting a ring for occasions in places like diamond and jewellery stores in Toronto, you shouldn’t be confused about buying an inferior ring. The sparkling color, how well packaged and quality of the ring will signal you that you are on the right path to the original stuff.

Fake Websites

Check the security and authenticity of the website you aim to shop from, especially when you are acquiring a product online. If the website is fake, so is the products too. Make certain that the site is safe by looking out for “HTTPS” and not “HTTP” and also check on the URL for more confirmation, though this doesn’t 100% show that the website is totally safe, it is also a preventive measure.

Finally, check on the brand name, logo and trademark to clarify you. A fake product is of high supply in the market, and that is why extra care and measure should be meted out before purchasing a product.