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Different types of makeup brushes and their uses

If you are a makeup enthusiast, your makeup collection can never be complete without the addition of the best makeup brushes. Makeup brushes play a vital role in determining the final look of your makeup, and they add a little bit of oomph to the entire look. The best makeup brushes add coverage to your makeup, and they also make your eye makeup and contour look blended to perfection.

However, if you are new to the world of makeup brushes, it could be challenging to know that what type of makeup brush performs what kind of function. What makeup brush should be used with what type of makeup product? The following comprehensive guide highlights the different type of makeup brushes along with their uses, and if you are wondering that what type of makeup brush would be the best for you—we have got you covered!

Foundation Brush:

A foundation brush makes the top most important collection to your collection. It has a flat and slanted top, which makes it an ideal contender for the application of foundation to your skin. The primary objective of the foundation brush is focused at facilitating a smooth application of moisturize, primers, and foundation to your skin.

When choosing a foundation brush, it is highly imperative to invest in a high-quality brush to make sure that it gives you a smooth and full coverage. The use of low-quality foundation brush can result in making your makeup look cakey. However, you can use the foundation brush in conjunction with a buffing brush or a stippling brush to ensure a natural makeup look.


Stippling Brush:

The use of the stippling brush is to buff out or stipple in the foundation on your skin. It further smoothens the appearance of pores on your skin, and it makes your base makeup look flawless on your skin. A high-quality stippling brush is designed to give your makeup an airbrushed look.

If you carefully scrutinize the ends of the brush, you will observe that they are feathery and light, which attributes to an airbrushed look of your makeup.


Contour Brush:

Contouring has been a major trend in the makeup game for a long time now, and it has provoked makeup companies to introduce brushes that can be used in conjunction with contouring products to achieve a chiseled and sharp contour look.

When you contour, you should have the best makeup brush that specializes in the area of contouring. It is nearly impossible to achieve that chiseled look without the assistance of a professional and proper contouring brush. A contour brush has firmer bristles and it has an angled tip which attributes to achieving a sharp contour line. A contour should be blended finely to avoid any major makeup blunders.


Eye Shadow Brushes:

If you are on your way to become a makeup junkie, you are supposed to collect a number of eye shadow brushes to ensure a proper blending of your eye makeup. Eye shadow brushes constitute to make the most vital addition to your makeup brushes, and if you do not have proper eye shadow brushes—your eye makeup can end up looking unblended and muddy.

It is always important to invest in high-quality eye shadow brushes to ensure that your eye makeup is intact and blended to perfection!


Highlighter Fan Brush:

If you are on a highlighter bandwagon, you should invest in a fan brush to make sure that your highlighter pops out perfectly. The bristles of the fan brush cater specifically to the highlighters. The bristles of the brush are spread out in a fan-like manner, which allows it to pick up sufficient powder from the highlighter pan. It is then dusted on the high-point of your face to give it that sparkly and glowy look. Remember that, if your highlighter brush is made of poor bristle hairs, it will not add a sparkly finish to your highlighter.

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