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Design your enamel pins step by step

Enamel pins have been very common in the comic book fan community for decades now. They are metal pins that are often shiny, colorful and, more often than many think, custom made. They are frequently designed, if not made, by the same people that wear them. This shouldn’t be a surprise, because making them is very easy.

Enamel pins have been very popular because of their typical versatility. They can be worn over clothing, backpacks, and purses. They can be used on t-shirts as part of a uniform. They can also be put on caps and hats. In short, enamel pins are a great accessory to the clothing of all types and can be worn everywhere.

Do you think enamel pins are challenging to design? Guess what! They are not! Enamel pins are fairly easy to design as long as you follow a short set of rules. Enamel pins can be worn by anyone and, on top of that, designed by those who have sufficient willpower and enthusiasm.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss steps to follow to design your enamel pins. We will try to put these steps as simple as possible so you can come back to this article whenever you are uncertain about one of the steps given. Good luck!

You need a drawing for the design of your pin

The first thing you need to do before even thinking of making your enamel pin is having a design drawn. It won’t be enough to have an idea of what you want. This is similar to getting a tattoo. You need a physical outline of the design you want to have on an enamel pin you will wear.

This typically involves hand-drawing a picture or designing it with computer software. Having it on a physical form guarantees your picture can be truthfully adapted to metal. These metal custom enamel pins are versatile, but the factories need a reference of some sort. And, it often comes in the form of a drawing you bring to them. Otherwise, they will choose a picture from the web or have an artist design it before you can do anything about it.

If you can’t draw and don’t have anyone that can do it for you, you will have to look for other options. Read the next step to find out.

If you don’t have a drawing, then look for one online

This step can get tricky, for of a lot of different reasons. First of all, most people want an original image. It is hard to know if the image you chose hasn’t already been used to make enamel pins before.

If you don’t want something original, you may also encounter some problems. The images you can find online may have copyrights. You need to consider if you want your enamel pins to be sold, or just be used for show and fun. Some copyrights prohibit reproduction and sale of certain images. So consider this before getting in trouble for something so little.

Select an image that is easy to work with

When you are searching for an image for your enamel pin, you have to make sure that using it is feasible. A very complicated, realistic or detailed image can be hard to bring to enamel pins. Enamel pins are made of metal. They have bright paint that is shiny and tend to be small. Also, consider that bigger or more detailed images may need bigger surfaces and may turn out to be more expensive than you expected.

Modify your image if necessary

Enamel pins need bold lines and solid colors to look good. Some factories also have a limited color palette. Be cautious when selecting images that depend too much on certain specific color to look good.

Bring your image to the factory

After all of these steps, you can be almost certain that your local (or online) enamel pin factory will translate your image into an enamel pin. Don’t forget to ask about the feasibility of your image. Will it look good? Is up to you to ask.