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Design Info – Products and Services

The products and services of Design Info are offered across a wide variety of verticals such as Pantone, Magazines, RAL Colors, Logos and Graphics, Prints and Textures, Colors and Trend Forecast, Munsell, and Coler Devices.


In the Pantone section the products of Design Info can be categorized into four major categories – Fashion, Home & Interiors, Solid Colors, CMYK, Metallic, Premium, Pastels, and Industrial Designers. The categories may be further examined as below:

Fashion, Home & Interiors

  • TCX Books
  • TCX Swatch’s
  • TPG Paper Shades
  • TPX Paper Shades

Solid Colors

  • Formula Guide
  • Chips C/U

CMYK, Metallics, Premium, Pastels

  • Color Guides
  • Chip Books

Industrial Designers

  • Plastics
  • Light Booths


The magazines of Design Info are offered in four major categories – Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Kid’s, Children & Baby, and Colors & Trends Forecast. The subcategories may be mentioned as below:

Men’s Fashion

  • Garments Forecast
  • Textile Forecast
  • Shoes and Footwear
  • Accessories and Bags
  • Mail Order Catalogues

Women’s Fashion

  • Garments Forecast
  • Textile Forecast
  • Shoes and Footwear
  • Accessories and Bags
  • Lingerie and Beachwear
  • Mail Order Catalogues

Kid’s, Children & Baby

  • Garments Forecast
  • Textile Forecast
  • Shoes and Footwear

Colors & Trends Forecast

  • Textile View
  • Collezioni Trends
  • Next Look
  • View 2
  • MX Home
  • Color Essence
  • Color Direction

RAL Colors

In the RAL colors segment Design Info offers books that can be categorized into four distinct segments such as Classics Shades, Design, Effect & Metallics, and Plastics.

Logos and Graphics

The logos and graphics segment of Design Info are books as well that can be grouped into menswear, women’s wear, and kids wear & baby.

Prints and Textures   

In the prints and textures domain Design Info offers several books. Those may be enumerated as below:

  • Prints & More
  • Arkivia Books & Textures
  • Ready to Use – Men, Women & Kids
  • Texitura
  • Color & Byte
  • MiniCool Kids & Baby  

Colors and Trend Forecast

Subscribers of Design Info can avail a number of books in this particular segment that can be broken up into three smaller sections such as Home, Interior & Furnishing Trends, Womenswear Color Trend Forecast, and Menswear Color Trend Forecast. The subsets may be further mentioned as below:

Home, Interior & Furnishing Trends

  • Trend books
  • Magazines and catalogues

Womenswear Color Trend Forecast

  • Trend books
  • Magazines and color reports

Menswear Colour Trend Forecast

  • Trend books
  • Magazines and color reports


As a subscriber of Design Info you can also avail color books from Munsell that happens one of the leading names in the world in this particular domain.

Color Devices

In the color devices segment Design Info offers you Spectrocolorimeter and Pantone Capsure. There are a number of reasons as to why you should become a subscriber of this site. Apart from all the knowledge that comes your way you can free gifts with each and every product as well as a discount coupon of 10 per cent on check out.