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Dealing With Teenagers: How To Help Them Cope With Grief Following A Death Of Family Or Friends

Being a teenager is hard, there is no denying that fact. There are so many changes in life that it can be very scary and confusing. The raging hormones and the fluctuating emotions only add to the struggle. Adding the death of loved one into these challenges make life a teenager extra overwhelming that many do not know how to grieve.

Despite their insistence of being adults, teenagers are still children that need guidance to process their grief. Here are some ways you can help a teenager after they have experienced a death in the family or within their friend group:

A Strong Support System

It is very common to hear adults tell teenagers to be “strong” and to “move on” after someone they know has passed away. This thinking and advice are very damaging because it encourages teenagers to keep their emotions within or risk looking too weak. As the adult in their life, it is best to give them the support that they need while they are grieving.

Teenagers should be allowed to express their thoughts and emotions in a safe space where someone will listen to them. Bottling up their pain and suffering for the sake of looking strong is never a good option. Be sure to tell them that they have your undying support throughout the entire grieving process. Offering Memorial ornaments to honor the memory of the loved one is a great way to show that you care too.

Don’t Judge Their Reaction

Sudden death is a reality for many teens. A parent can pass away because of a heart attack or a friend could be lost due to some accident. Teens usually respond to these moments with numbness because they are unsure of how to react. As the adult and guardian in their life, do not reprimand them and tell them that numbness is wrong.

Everyone processes grief in a different way and we all choose how we show it to the world. Be kind and refrain from being judgmental because they are still processing their emotions. The best thing to do is to remind them that you are there when they need someone to talk to or are in need of comfort.

Expect Anger

Anger is another immediate reaction of a teenager who has learned that someone in their life has just passed away. This is a gut reaction that should not make you angry. Never yell at someone who is showing signs of anger because this will only harm them. Leave your door open and make sure to provide a safe and secure space for them in the home so that they can express all their emotions in a healthy way. If they are met with anger from you because of their reaction towards the news, the tendency is for them to leave and find something else to do.

Encourage Remembrances

Provide teenagers with something they can hold on to such as memorial ornaments. Forgetting about a friend or a loved one after they have passed away is not healthy. Teenagers should not forget about the people they love to “move on”. They should accept their passing, but still, remember them in their hearts.

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