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David Liss Parfums Reinvents For You the Olfactive Notes

Caress foggy or intertwines a panel of colors, the perfect range composes your future creation.

Point of femininity, the floral or woody choice, enhances an unknown youth.

When concretization meets sublimation, exaltation of the senses, the suptility sprinkles the nobility of the petals, essence of any composition.

Beauty and power draw these plant and natural freshness.

A combination of fruity and tangy notes, the intoxication of the body sculpts certain sensuality.

Effeuillage d’une inspiration intemporelle, David LISS Parfums Paris réinvente le parfum avec douceur et légèreté.

Delighted with a timeless inspiration, David LISS Parfums Paris reinvents the fragrance with softness and lightness.

A movement of beauty and elegance, the perfume inspires and captivates the world of Arts and Fashion.

Combinations of passionate beings, the sketch of a note mingles with the inspiration of perfect combinations.


  • Since 2014, David LISS Parfums promises you a wide variety of top-of-the-range perfumes hand-crafted in France, in the Pays de Grasse, world capital of perfumery… Intriguing, exquisite and timeless, the David LISS Parfums fragrances show sophistication both classic and contemporary.

  • Perfume, eau de parfum… our range of fragrances are declined to satisfy you. Their high concentration guarantees you an exceptional outfit worthy of the major perfume brands, at a more affordable cost.

  • In constant development, David Liss perfumes constantly increases the quality of the products and services offered in order to diversify its offer.

  • The direct sale of your favorite fragrances on our online store allows us to offer you high-end products at very attractive prices.

  • David LISS perfumes: an original olfactory experience where perfection rhymes with emotion!

Welcome to the world of David LISS Parfums Paris!