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Classic Sunglasses Styles

Everyone’s favourite time of year is here again, the summer. Granted, here in the UK that might not necessarily mean sunshine, but we like to pretend, and we know it’s summer. With the prospect of holidays away, barbecues with friends, garden parties, trips to the beach or just lounging around in the back garden, you’ll want to look good whilst doing (and of course protect your eyes, but obviously this is secondary to looking good!). So, with that in mind, here are three pairs of sunglasses that aren’t hugely expensive, are well made and will suit lots of different styles – the perfect addition to your summer chic:

Ray Ban Aviators
Developed way back in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb for their Ray Ban brand, as the name suggests they were originally to help pilots. The first pairs had dark green tinted lenses to help with the glare and UV at the heights pilots flew, they quickly became a favourite for military and law enforcement. From there they have gone from strength to strength, and over 80 years later they still look and good as they did when first designed.

Ray Ban Wayfarers
Another huge hit by Ray Ban was the Wayfarer design. Originally penned by Raymond Stegman in the early 1950’s, they have the classic mid century design that still seems timeless today. Compared by some to other design classics of the time like the Eames lounge chair, very subtle tweaks to the overall shape and detailing mean they still look just as fresh more than 60 years later, and exude that timeless cool

Tom Ford Clubmasters
A new kid on the block in comparison to the others on this list, Tom Ford started his career in high fashion, before branching out to design his own clothing. From there he moved to eyewear, and today there is a wide and diverse range of Tom Ford products. The Clubmaster design is based on another mid century model originally by Jack Rohrbach, known as ‘browline’, and similar in style to a lot of the more popular Calvin Klein sunglasses. The half frame is reminiscent of styles of glasses in the 50’s, but this modern take on them brings them bang up to date, and they look fantastic on almost anyone.