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Best Indian Hair Extensions in the United States

Bold claim some might say but the truth is in our client satisfaction. With zero customer complaints to date we are excited to keep making the world more beautiful, one happy hair extension wearer at a time! We have carefully choosen only the finest suppliers and quality check every peice of merchandise that comes through our doors.

With Best Indian hair extensions more popular than ever in the United States, we’ve found that with very few exceptions the texture of hair is finer than anywhere else. It’s softer and more bouncy than most extensions. Real virgin indian hair is made from unprocessed human hairs and you can see the difference when all the cuticles are intact while running in the same direction.

Quality Control for the best extensions

When our orders come in we take the time to check every shipment of hair. Now, we know and trust our suppliers but every few orders there are a few that need removed from our inventory. Rest assured that only the most experienced members of our team do these spot checks. Reputation is what a business is built on. We aim to keep the reputation as the greatest supplier of real human hair extensions in the United States!

What is Indian Hair?

If you don’t know what Indian Hair is or why most of our extensions on our site are this kind let’s get down to the details. Indian hair is some of the most dependable in regards to supply of hair extension bundles. This hair is both versatile and holds more bounce than any other source or hair on the market. The only detraction we’ve found is that Indian hair weave is known to frizz a bit in high humidity climates. Overall you can expect the best texture blends with your hair and the easiest styling experience you’ve ever had with hair weave if you haven’t tried this style of extension yet.

While many different qualities of virgin hair exist in our marketplace you will not find a more carefully curated collection of hair than our hair extension page.

All Natural Hair Extensions – Our Promise to You!

We do not buy any hair that has been chemically treated. Nothing can be more hazardous to your hair’s health than chemically treated synthetic hair. Blemishes on your face and scalp can occur, not a pretty site. Make certain when purchasing your next bundle you research the company you are getting it from, especially online. We maintain a high level of quality and love each and every one of you for stopping by.