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‘Work with no play makes Jack a dull boy.’ Having a family of growing children is probably the most trying phase of an adult’s life. Growing children can tend to be very active and demanding. Maybe getting a trampoline for your family would be the best gift for your family. A trampoline is a play device made of a taunt, strong fabric piece stretched between a metallic, preferably steel, frame using many coiled springs. Playing makes the children grow strong physically. It also exposes them to interaction with others. Trampolining is both fun and advantageous. A trampoline can also double up as a play equipment and at the same time as a work our ground helping your family keep fit. You can also use your trampoline backyard for entertainment . Your backyard will turn into a fun zone for your family to bonds and make memories.

Finding the best backyard trampoline ideas is hard but with are reliable source, this could be classified and made easier. There are a number of factors to consider when looking out for the play equipment to get for your family. These factors include;


Your family’s safety should be the first priority when buying anything for your family. Injuries from trampolines range from minor bruises to major fractures. These injuries happen when the jumper falls off the jump bed or landing on rough frames or springs. To prevent these kind of injuries, safe trampolines have enclosure nets. These enclosures are also called safety nets. Depending on the model, the structure of these nets vary. The nets are made from tough fabric, and are held up by strong poles. Their function is to hold back the jumper from falling over the edge off the play equipment. They are help up high to hold even the jumpers who veer off the right path when up in the air. The poles should should be strong yet padded to prevent injury from impact. The frames holding the trampoline bed should be made from strong sturdy metal and should have smooth welds. For the welds to be safer, they should be padded to avoid snagging clothing or causing impact injuries on the jumpers. The steel springs should have spring covers that pad them preventing injuries.


The shape of the trampoline dictates the space to fit in and how far it bounces. Rectangular trampolines create higher bounces than round ones. Rectangular trampolines have two bounce points while round ones have one bounce point. Round trampolines take up more space as compared to oval ones.


The size of your backyard dictates the size of the equipment you are going to purchase. For safe playtime, there should be at least 2 meters’ free space around your trampoline to avoid jumpers hitting on solid obstacles such as walls and trees. The ground should be level and clear too. Squeezing a trampoline to fit into a small space can cause serious accidents as it can bounce off causing damage to nearby property. The size of your family also determines the size of equipment to purchase. Miniature trampolines are for small families with few users. They take one jumper at a time. Medium trampolines are for medium sized families while jumbo ones are for really large families.


The designated users determine the strength of the equipment to get. Maximum User Weight of every equipment is based on how heavy the jumper is or how high they can jump. Exceeding this Maximum User Weight can lead to jumpers ‘jumping out’ of the trampoline. This ‘jumping out’ refers to touching the growing while jumping. It can lead to fracturing of the limbs. Bigger trampolines have higher Maximum User weight thus advisable for larger families. High energy jumpers for example teenage jumpers require this kind of equipment too.

Your preference

What kind of trampoline do you prefer?

There are two types of trampolines: spring trampoline and spring less trampoline. Spring trampolines use reinforced still springs to support the jump bed. Though stronger, this kind of trampoline poses a huge risk to the jumpers. By falling on the still frames or springs, the jumper can sustain serious injuries. This called for invention of a safer device without compromising the trampolining experience. These trampolines are cheap to purchase. Development in the industry has rendered spring trampolines safer by adding extra padding on the covers and frame. They also have a more classic look. Lovers of old school classics would definitely pick them out for their timeless design and appeal. Others take the modern look with pod like enclosures and slick enclosure poles making the models have a blend of both classic and modern designs.

spring less trampolines on the other hand use glass reinforced plastic rods in the place of the steel springs. This model of trampolines is considered better because it eliminates the possibility of injuries mainly caused by jumpers falling in the springs or frames. The rods form a flexible soft edge making the rigid frame to be lowered below the jumping surface thus safer landing. Spring free trampolines though costlier than spring ones, they turn out to be more durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Their make-up looks more modern and appealing. However, the spring trampolines bounces more than the spring free ones.

In addition to these factors, installment is also important. Anchoring the equipment on the ground strongly guarantees safety. The trampoline should be staked strongly on the ground. To get this you must purchase strong pining devices. There are three main devices which offer these services; traditional stakes, Auger or corkscrew stakes, and U-shaped stakes.

The traditional stakes are on the trampoline’s poles. Their pointed ends are striven into the ground. They are easy to put in place and do down in any kind of soil. They also come out easily.

Auger style have a helical shape thus have a better grip on the ground guaranteeing security. They are however challenging to drive into the ground.

U-shaped stakes hold the trampoline feet down. Their length determines their strength and how easily your equipment can topple over.

The local weather conditions in tour place also dictates the equipment to get. Harsh conditions call for tougher products to withstand them. Since the trampoline is mostly an outdoor device, it should be made of tough materials and non-equating metal.

Having all the necessary information, picking on the best equipment should be easy. The final verdict will depend on your judgment and preference.