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Adding Style- What You Need To Consider

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Style goes beyond any vocabulary of expensive clothes that you can coin. It stretches far beyond, to the way you wear them, and the message you communicate in them. Style in dressing and fashion is a statement that goes beyond the look on the camera glare. It is a tool that instills the identity and personality to people, without any utterance of a word.

Style does not brand you in a night. It is like a frown that needs to be seen more often on the face, for people to notice it. Efforts made into your looks will scarcely go unnoticed. A blind man will tell the difference from a lady who has made effort in spotting some style to another one whose dressing is purely to keep her covered.

As wrong as you would be, there is very little that fashion can do to give you style. It is an important accessory, all the same, but it is not the sole determinant of how good or bad your looks can be. The champagne of style pops beyond the designers, it goes over the vibe about brands, into more aesthetics than you would think of.

The Weather

When trying to look the part, things can go wrong when you seem to be at war with what nature has to say. You might have spotted the guy who runs past your house at 6:15 every morning in a sweater. What do you think every time you see him in the same sweater in summer?

Let nature have its way. The best thing that you can do, to keep yourself in style, is to agree with the weather and spot on something that complements you in the weather. Think of a cozy fluffy coat in winter, or a cool custom made T-shirt for the summer. That will surely write more in your wall of fame.

Your Profession

Have you seen the doorman who dresses like the big cat in your company? Or the Spanish tea girl who will always make the guys in your workplace stare?

Whether you are a professional in your job or not, style counts to be influenced by what you do. The dress code that you have at work is not supposed to be the fate and demise of your taste. Well, it can be, if you wear uniforms to work, but if you don’t then you should consider to invest heavily at Weiz Retro, in what people see you in from 9-5. If your office goes the official way, you will be fairly spared in your budget, but if your dress code in the office is lax, then make it a duty to dress as you please, and to establish a tradition within your dress code.


Did you ever notice that most times, or sometimes, you may want to dress up just for a word of approval from somebody you are interested in, or look up to? Whether you know it or not, human beings are seriously in need of acceptance. People will always dress in a way that will make them feel accepted, without standing out or being laughed at. If not cautious about defining your own style over how you dress, you will find yourself in a constant conflict with what you wear, as your preferences will change as your audience changes.

Whatever the fashion statement you wish to make, keep in mind that your allure can only be appealing if only it is authentic. Find what you love dressing in. be good to yourself even when you are low on cash. Every once in a while, pamper yourself with the kind of clothes that you would love to see yourself in.