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A Christmas Dinner to Combat Hair Loss

 If you suffer from hair loss, winter months can be tricky. Your friends might just throw on a jacket and some ear muffs, butwithout as much hair to protect your scalp you’ll find yourself more exposed to a chilly breezeFortunately, there are a lot of stylish hats and human hair wigs to help you get through the cold.


 If you’re in the early stages of hair loss it might be helpful to know which foods are most nourishing; in some cases, hair loss can be significantly slowed down by taking the right balance of vitamins and minerals. As your tummy rumbles for that amazing Christmas dinner, here are some festive foods that will help you combat hair loss.

 Sweet potatoes

These potatoes are a Christmas staple, and they’re also packed with beta carotene. Beta carotene is the red-orangey pigment found in foods like butternut squash, carrots and pumpkins; in your body this pigment is converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A helps prevent dry skin and dandruff which is good news when you’re feeling guilty about indulging in that pumpkin pie.


Poultry is a source of good lean protein. Protein increases your body’s iron intake and in turn helps support healthy hair. Protein also helps prevent hair discoloration, so go ahead and help yourself to an extra-large serving if you want to keep those beautiful locks auburn brown or strawberry blond.


Walnuts accompany pretty much every Christmas dish from a good stuffing to a crunchy addition to the cranberry sauce. Walnuts are a source of vitamin E which plays a vital role in preventing weak, brittle hair that easily breaks. Walnuts are also a source of biotin, also known vitamin B7. Biotin strengthens hair follicles and encourages growth.



There’s nothing like a good spinach salad to help all that food go down. Spinach is also a source of iron which helps the blood carry oxygen throughout the body and to your hair. Iron deficiency has been proven to cause hair loss. Spinach is also full of other vitamins and oils that help hair like calcium, potassium, magnesium and omega-3.


If you go for a non-traditional Christmas dinner protein, choose salmon. Not only is salmon delicious but it’s full of fatty acids called omegas that are great at giving your hair that natural shine.

This Christmas wear your best head scarf and celebrate with a great dinner full of nourishing vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. You might feel the usual pig-out guilt at the end of the meal, but your hair will thank you for it.