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6 Impressive Benefits of Recycling Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles have become a growing concern with each passing day. With the effects of global warming showing up in different parts of the world, it is our responsibility to reduce the amount of solid wastes being dumped on lands and oceans. One of the simplest, yet the most effective initiative anyone could do is recycling plastic bottles. If that’s done on a daily basis, it would create a significant difference to the environment. Here are 6 great benefits of recycling plastic water bottles, from reducing wastes to the production and sale of beach gear online.

  1. Reduced Quantity of Waste:

Space set aside for landfill is running out fast; therefore the area has become almost impossible for plastic wastes to biodegrade. Recycling plastic bottles and other plastic wastes will help free up some space for dumping of wastes in landfills. One ton of recycling wastes can save up to 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space. Notably, people buy beach gear and other materials produced from recycled plastic, which has reduced wastes as well.


  1. Conservation of Energy:

Creating new materials that are recycled from the existing ones will require much less energy to do so, compared to producing from raw materials. The process of recycling will use only around two-thirds lesser energy than that of traditional manufacturing processes. This further reduces usage of power that is generated using fossil fuels. Additionally, only 66% lesser energy is required to produce new products as opposed to manufacturing fresh, new plastic.

  1. Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

Manufacturing new plastic leads to the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide that has contributed to global warming through the years. Since recycling actually requires notably less energy and fossil fuel usage, only fewer greenhouse gas emissions will result in the end. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, up to 340 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by recycling plastic wastes.

  1. Reduced Pollution:

Along with reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling of plastic bottles also drastically helps in decreasing the amount of air and water pollution. Landfills are often used to incinerate plastic bottles, but what actually happens as a result is that it emits toxic pollutants into the air.

  1. Revenue and Employment:

The possibility of generating revenue and employment opportunities is another factor that renders recycling of plastic bottles useful. The demand for recycled plastic bottles has skyrocketed in the recent years as well.

  1. Manufacturing of New Products:

Recycled plastic wastes and plastic bottles are also now being used to produce other useful products including jackets, new drinkware and more. One could also buy beach gear online that are manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.

From the points mentioned above, it is quite evident that recycling plastic bottles is very beneficial to the environment. Encouraging recycling of plastic wastes will do a lot to saving our planet for the future generations.