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5 Tips for a Safer Man Shaving Job

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It comes easily to master the correct face shaving technique; however, having acquired the skill doesn’t always mean you’re up for a perfectly safe shaving at all times. To make this job much safer and eliminate the risks, incorporate the tips below into your routine:

  1. Hydration and exfoliation

These may only seem like women’s concern but caring for your skin should be universal. Besides, it will help you achieve that close, smooth and safe shave you desire. Hydrate the skin so the razor glides evenly; also, exfoliate it, because a rough, dry, patchy skin will hinder the razor and may lead to cuts. In addition, before each shaving session, make sure the hair is moist and thus softened.

  1. Never too soft

Do not exaggerate with the previous piece of advice. Washing your face with too warm water will soften your skin too much, which makes it prone to cuts. Prefer cold water instead, it will make it firm. The lower temperature also closes the pores.

  1.  Luxury shaving tools are a better investment

In the kitchen, a blunt knife is more dangerous than a sharp one. The same way, low quality shaving tools that have been through the wear and tear process can pose a more significant risk. In that case, you should renew your kit frequently. Or, you can invest in durable, high quality pieces that stay in top condition for a long time, as the ones you can find at

  1. Cream, not soap

Shaving cream does a better job at lubricating that soapy water. Sure, soap may feel like it helps the razor glide, but it dried out the skin too much.

  1. Never skip the preparations

You’ve done the whole exfoliating, hydrating, nourishing ritual just the day before and today your skin still appears to be in good shape. Thus, you decide to skip the routine and go straight for the razor. This isn’t a recommended practice. Always prepare your skin when you need to shave – don’t rely on past efforts.

Once you are done with the shaving, you can use warm water to rinse off any residue. Finish with a cold splash, to close the pores.