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5 Fashion Trends Every Woman Should Try Out This Spring

It’s 2018 and we can honestly say that the fashion is one of the biggest industries out there. The most famous fashion designers and houses are dictating the trends every year and we, consumers, follow these trends because we want to stay stylish. So, it doesn’t really matter if you’re a skinny girl, mature woman, or a member of the BBW dating niche, you simply have to keep up with the latest trends. That being said, check out the 5 fashion trends every woman simply has to try out this spring.

Dark Denim Outfits

Even though vintage bright Levi’s jeans are absolutely untouchable when it comes to denim, it’s safe to say that dark denim has made its comeback. Women all over the world are going to rock various outfits made of dark denim and you should definitely be a part of this trend. Besides jeans, ladies will wear skirts, jackets, and denim onesies.


During the last couple of years, Millennial Pink was, without a doubt, one of the most popular colors on the market. However, certain fashion icons and designers, including the brilliant Victoria Beckham, are stating that Lavender will replace Millennial Pink this spring/summer season. More precisely, this shade of pink will be replaced by pastel lavender. Therefore, you should definitely acquire a couple of sundresses, elegant jackets, and pants in this particular color.

Bold Colors

According to many designers out there, this year’s spring and summer are going to be very bright. So, in order to fit in completely, we suggest you fill your closet with bolder colors. The good thing about this trend is the fact that bold colors go well with any outfit out there. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy wearing power suits, pencil skirts, leather pants, or dresses, you can and you should make your outfit bright and vibrant. Of course, yellow, blue, and red will be the three most dominant bold colors this year, but feel free to try out other colors and shades as well.

Square Necklines

Classic and deep V necklines are always a good idea (everyone likes a nice cleavage), but this spring, ladies are going to rock the classy and elegant square neckline. This will go perfectly with fancy cocktail dresses, gala dresses, and sundresses. Also, a business suit with a square neckline might look subtle and provocative at the same time. In any case, this particular trend will definitely do wonders for your confidence, so make sure to be a part of it.

Puffed Shoulders

The 80s are back! Joking aside, this vintage look was never actually gone, but it was neglected in the past. However, this spring, puffed shoulders will be an irreplaceable part of any power suit, jacket, blazer, and dress. You can combine vibrant colors with puffed shoulders in order to achieve the glamorous and elegant 80s look that will mesmerize and inspire everyone in your presence. Spring is almost here, so make sure to update your closet.