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5 Dapper Pieces Every Man Should Have In Their Collection

Adding a bit of flare to your wardrobe can be an easy task if you have the right pieces to dress up and down.  Starting with staple pieces and introducing these 5 dapper additions can give you the tools to always look your best for any occasion.  


  1. The Basics – find well-fitting basics to allow versatility to your collection.  These would be tees, Henley’s, pants, and shirts in various colors.  They are considered the background for the art of your men’s fashion.   

Fashion Tip: Choose basics that flatter your body type, fit well, and can be mixed and matched to your hearts content.


  1. Waistcoat – Also called a vest, this allows you to dress down with a tee for a causal look, or dress up using a well fitted button up shirt.  This gives you versatility for any event!


  1. Lambskin – A tie, bow tie, shirt or vest; this texture can be paired with a basic to give your outfit depth and a hint of interest.  


  1. A Stylish Travel Bag – No one wants to juggle their keys, wallet, and other daily gear.  Look organized, well put together, and a man on a mission!  

Fashion Tip: choose a color that goes well with many of the pieces in your closet.  


  1. A Statement Tee – Give your daily life meaning with a statement tee that’s sure to give you some inner strength, encouragement, and attention.  

This arsenal of gear means you’re ready for the night life, a casual day with friends, or a hot date!  These dapper pieces can transform any collection into a variety of fashionable choices for your year ahead!