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5 autumn fashion and beauty tips

Summer is over. For some, the colder weather and long, dark evenings can put a dampener on life, but for others, autumn is a sign that Christmas is on the way – and an excuse to enjoy a Starbucks Gingerbread latte! Whichever camp you fall into, look your best this autumn season with our five autumnal fashion tips.


  1. Find some accessories

If you’re prone to feeling cold during the autumn, then accessorise! Stock up your wardrobe with some faux-sheepskin gloves, a warm, woollen hat, an attractive scarf and a pair of luxury sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. But don’t overdo it with accessories – instead of splashing out on multiple pieces for each of your looks, shop smartly and choose quality products that will stand the test of time. That way, you’ll save money and time, too.

  1. Get inspired

Have a thing for autumn and want to celebrate the new season in style? Get inspired with the various colours and styles autumn offers. Choose bright oranges, browns and creams, and throughout Halloween season, opt for blacks. It’s not every day you can wear orange and browns, so make the most of it and dress for the weather.

  1. Buy a good coat

The chances are that you’ll be wrapped up warm for the majority of the autumn season, so make sure you have a warm, comfortable and fashionable coat. If you’ve got a long coat that covers you up and protects you from the elements, you don’t have to dress sensibly underneath – perfect if you want to get a few more weeks out of your summer dressed.

  1. Cut the makeup

While we’re not suggesting you cut out makeup entirely, you should consider cutting down on your morning beauty routine in the autumn months. Not only can autumn and winter weather dry out your skin, but the darker mornings make it more difficult to get up early. If you can shave off 20 minutes from your daily beauty regimen, you’ll be able to enjoy a little longer in bed, and your skin will be thankful for a break from heavy makeup.

  1. Upcycle

Don’t have the funds to splash out on a whole new wardrobe this autumn? Instead, mix and match pieces from your spring and summer collection to save time and money. Cardigans and dresses can still be worn throughout September, October and November – just make sure you pack a warm coat in case you get too cold. Oh, and consider up-cycling if you have clothes that you want to reuse. You can turn an old sweater into mittens, for example.

There you have it – five fashion tips to prepare you for the autumn season. Remember to wrap up warm, consider reusing your existing wardrobe, accessorise, cut the makeup and relax. Have a great autumn!