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3 Brilliant Reasons Why the Mismatched Dress is Slaying the Bridesmaid Fashion Trend

Have you finally chosen your bridesmaids? Well, that’s a big responsibility off your shoulders now. But wait till you get into the bigger debacle. And what’s that? Deciding on what they will wear on your wedding. Sometimes, this task can be even more daunting than pinning down on the venue or listing down the menu. Why? Well, all your lovelies have a different body-type along with a different taste and personality. And none of them will stop giving their opinions. The best solution to calm this ruckus is to go with the mismatched bridesmaid trend.

This trend promises variety, elegance, and style. There are various ways of doing so. You can stick to the same color family and ask your girl-gang to choose different shades of that family. Or, if you think that your girls have different complexions and no single color family will complement them uniformly, you can give them a particular style like off-shoulder, one-shoulder, full-sleeves, v-neckline, boat-neck, and so on. Are you still not quite sure whether this is the right choice for you or not? Then, take a look at these ways in which the mismatched bridesmaid trend will be best for your girl squad.

No fuss over body-types

First of all, the mismatched dresses trend puts an end to the ever-growing argument of what will look flattering on whose body. The traditional style of bridesmaid dresses where everything, right from the color to the cut was same for all the bridesmaids, never incorporated the varied body types of girls and as a result, some of them would be unhappy. Nobody wants that kind of a discrepancy in their wedding. If you want all your girlies, starting with the short and plump to the petite and tall, to be satisfied with how their dresses flatter their body types, highlighting the beautiful parts while hiding the flaws, then go for a mismatched look. Just decide on a color and then let them choose a style and cut that perfectly complements their body.

Reflect their personality

As a bride, your responsibility is to see that your bridesmaids are happy and enjoying themselves at the wedding. If they are not happy, then no matter how you style their look, they will not look gorgeous. So, it is important to choose their attires in a way that brings out their personality. For instance, if one of your friends is a ‘Plain-Jane’, then don’t try to make her look like a fashionista because she will not be able to pull it off, and in turn, look miserable. On the other hand, if a friend of yours is quite into fashion and wears all kinds of things, from elegant and classy to quirky and cool, then you must not hold back from experimenting on her. If they are comfortable in their skin, then they will look even more beautiful. But if you choose the traditional way of dressing for the bridesmaids, this will not be possible. And that is why only the mismatched dresses trend can turn your lovely bridesmaids into a gang of divas.

Vibrant Variety

The best thing about this trend is that the options are endless. Choose contrasting shades or different kinds of styles and necklines, and do whatever it takes to make your wedding scene look absolutely phenomenal. Since mismatched trend often sees the beautiful girls dressed up in two complementing shades or a variety of cuts and styles of dresses, the overall picture seems more vibrant. And even your wedding photos seem more appealing. If you have a huge list of bridesmaids, then making all of them wear a single dress in a single hue might seem more like a uniform.

Remember that your bridesmaids are not only giving you a wedding present but are also giving you their time as a gift, carrying out all essential responsibilities. So, it is also your duty to take care of their likes and dislikes. And mismatched bridesmaid dresses are a way to appreciate them.