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2018’s trends to choose your evening dresses

The evening dresses you choose should be as perfect as you are. It should go according to your style and personality so you can thoroughly enjoy the evening. Keep in mind the dress codes that appear on the card when choosing your outfit, since a wedding is not the same as a baptism or an office party. At the same time, you must have some notion of the trends that are marking this season to complete a perfect look. That is why we have prepared a list of the latest trends of 2018 so that you can flawlessly attend with your evening dresses to the night event.

Bride’s white

This year, it is becoming common for the best friend of the bride to arrive also in white at the marriage. It means to represent the sharing bond and express the joy of the beloved friend. They usually wear a design very similar and even identical to that of the bride. You can choose an evening dress of the same color tone of the bride and a design that complements hers but remember, do not steal the bride’s thunder. Together but not too mixed.

The “crop top”

Crop top or top crop, the name is the last concern. It is a cut top that shows a little of your belly. What everyone thought was a fad, was actually here to stay. Being a little shorter, it favors you a lot, letting everyone see a light more of your body shape. Although by itself it does not become formal, everything depends on how you combine it and wear it. This top accompanied by a long lack below the knee is the perfect outfit to attend the after party of a christening. Then you will be able to carry on you a sum of elegance, sensuality, beauty and neatness.

Queen color black

As we saw at the beginning of the list, it is becoming common to imitate the bride in color and dress design. But it is not ruled out, much less this season, to wear black. What makes it so unique this season is the addition you provide, for example, by placing a powerful piece of jewelry incorporated into the dress. This item can go on the bust, on end or the sleeve edge. Or wear a black dress with gauze and tulle. Or better yet, wear a black asymmetric fall cross dress with built-in jewelry. Follow 2018 and rule the fashion world.  

Black and white

If you are someone who does not decide in any of these colors, not worry, you can wear both. By doing so, you will achieve a very outstanding contrast. White, in a wedding scenario, means the purity of the new life that the bride will face, while black associates with elegance and sophistication. 2018 has taken certain luxuries by creating and sharing very modern and risky looks. You too can be part of this change and venture with these styles. Mix both colors to achieve a heart attack look.

Red will always be “in”

It seems that this color will never stop trending because year after year appears in various shades. This 2018 wearing your evening dress of a red fire shade is the perfect bet. This tone is absolute look if you attend a work gathering or a friend’s birthday.

On the runways, this color has walk in dresses with long, fitted designs, lace, with Hellenic drapes or minimalist style.

The printed maxi-skirt

This design comes in two-piece dresses, you can use it with a blouse or a top, preferably in a single color. The print that carries along the skirt should be the central weapon of your look, and therefore nothing should overshadow it. Your other clothes should be your perfect complement. What makes it so peculiar, is the floral pattern along the entire skirt, ideal for an outdoor wedding.


This outfit can be a super light lace or transparent gauze. What you are looking for is to show strategical parts of the lingerie that you wear under the dress. Without a doubt it is a provocative and sensual look that does not leave the elegance aside. Perfect to attend your friend’s bachelorette party or an outdoor social gathering.